Saturday, April 27, 2013

Deals of The Week

So, I went to Kmart expecting to just look for sandals for Chloe but then I saw the sale rack!  Actually my boyfriend saw it and he knows I love a good deal!  I got six outfits, a skirt with leggings, 8 shirts, two jackets, and a sleeper for $80!!! 

I also went to Children's Place.  They have glasses and flip flops on sale for $3!  I got two pairs of glasses, two shirts, and a pair of jeans for $17.50!  Now that is a deal!  The shirts and jeans were on clearance.  The shirts were around $3.50 and the jeans were $5!


I cannot handle all this cuteness!!!  If you have a little tyke, I am begging you to go get some of these glasses!  It will make your life to see your precious with these on!
Next up is Old Navy!  I got two outfits and a shirt.  The outfits were $6 each and the shirt was $1.99.  The outfits were from their Easter collection and the shirt was from their Valentines Day collection but they could be worn anytime of the year.

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