Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Weekend in our Life

After a long first week back to work, I was ready to get to spend the weekend with Chloe and my boyfriend Eric.  It went by way too fast but time flies when you are having fun!  Here is our weekend through pictures!  Just like any other day, weekend or not, it is started with caffeine because work, school, and baby equals sleep deprivation. 
On Saturday, we went to JCPenney's because they had dollar flip flips on sale and I wanted to get some for Chloe.   They had every size but hers.  But we did find some great deals, which I will be blogging about shortly.  And of course Chloe had to have her purse and sunglasses before we could go.  Too cute for words!
In honor of Cinco de Mayo weekend, we went and ate some Mexican food at Manny's which is my boyfriend's favorite restaurant.  We met Chloe's Aunt Nena, her fianc√© Mike, and Chloe's cousins Roman and Lincoln up there.  It is so sweet to see how much they love and adore Chloe. I cannot wait until she gets older so she knows how much she is loved. 

On Sunday, I woke up and fed Chloe pretty early and we took a nap around 9.  WE SLEPT FOR TWO HOURS! There is a reason that is in caps, it's a big deal.  We have been lucky too have a baby who has slept all night since she's been seven weeks old but she stopped taking naps for two months and would be fussy and cranky because she fought her sleep.  With help from my mom and cereal, she has been napping daily and I cannot tell you how awesome that is!  I have my happy baby back AND I can get shit done! And you know what another day means, another cup of joe and another pair of glasses!
We went to get flips flops from Old Navy so I could make Chloe's Fourth of July shoes.  Once we got home, I made her shoes did some crafting, one of my favorite hobbies.

I whipped up some tacos and then it was bath time.  We give Chloe a bath every other night so her skin does not dry up but I think I might start doing baths every night pretty soon.  This was one of the best parts of the weekend for the simple fact her rat tale is in full effect when wet!  I just love it!  She was born with lots of hair (that is about the only thing she got from me) and the back has always been longer.
So,I got my Mother's Day presents early on Monday.  Technically it is not apart of the weekend but I HAVE to share.  Eric can never wait to give me gifts when he buys them.  I do not blame him because he gives AWESOME gifts. So, he brings a Zale's bag up and I freak out because I know it has to be jewelry.  I open it and it is a Citizen watch with diamonds in it!!! I have never owned real diamonds until he bought me my push present which were diamond earrings (they have been on my wish list forever)  and now I have a diamond watch too!  And then he brings up this huge red bag from Coach!  Now, I have a coach bag that my mom got me but it is tiny and I have always wanted a big one but I have been too cheap to buy one.  So, I am still in disbelief I am rocking diamonds and Coach.  Now, that is a big deal!


  1. I love all of the cute things you are making her. Very talented! You guys are creating and growing a very healthy and loving family....keep it up! Chloe's rat tail is AWESOME!!! That made me giggle :) And you are right about the presents, he can never wait! But he did good on the purse. That is cute! Thanks for taking care of them both! You're doing good!

    1. Thank you, that means a lot! I know, her rat tail is so funny, I just want to braid it! You are welcome, I love to do it!

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