Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fourth of July shoes

Since the next holiday is Fourth of July, I have been trying to put together Chloe's outfit since April.  I know that is kind of extreme to plan so soon but I love the holidays and having a child makes them so much better and more exciting!  I have been looking online on for some shoes to match but they are ridiculously expensive! I love Etsy for headbands but I am not going to pay $15 for baby sandals that I can make myself.  Just a couple weekends ago, I went to Old Navy for some baby flip flops and I remember they had blue ones.  So, I decided to go get them and buy some embellishments to add to them.  The flips flops were $3.94 and I went to the craft store and got bows in white, red, and blue which were about $2 a piece.  They came in a pack of 12 so it was a great deal.  I got a bunch of other colors because I can use them for other outfits or holidays. You just need a glue gun and not even ten minutes!  I had some plain hair clips that you can get at the craft store so, I decided to use the bows to make a matching hair clip also.

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