Monday, May 27, 2013

How to Bargain Shop!

As I get older, I find it so unnecessary to pay $60 on a pair of jeans like I did in high school.  I admit, I have become somewhat of a cheapskate but I am proud of my cheapness!  There is nothing like getting an awesome deal and the more I save, the more I can buy!  I have learned some tricks to make sure I get the best deals and try not to pay full price for anything. Below is a list of some of those  tricks and hopefully it can help other people save money!
1.) Shop online!
 But only if you can get free shipping or a really good deal on the shipping.  If the company is offering free shipping, it will be on the front page of the website usually at the top.
2.)Search and sort items according to price online
 When you are shopping online, most websites will have a drop down that will let you pick how you want the items to be sorted.  You want to pick the one that says price low to high.  That way you can see the cheapest items first and you are more likely to spend less money.
3.) Sign up for loyalty programs and email subscriptions
This way you will know about sales and get coupons.  Also, a lot of companies give you points when you spend money and reward you for spending money.  For example, Sephora gives you free gifts if you spend a certain amount of money. 
4.) When shopping online, search for coupon codes
When you are going to purchase something from a website, search for coupon codes online by typing the retailers name and then coupon codes.  There are different websites like and that have codes to type in when you checkout to give you discounts or free shipping.  Some of them do not work but they are worth a try.  I always try multiple ones if they are not working.
5.) When shopping online, look at front page for promotions going on
When a retailer is having a sale, they put what they are on the front page and sometimes you need the coupon code, so make sure you always look on the front page before shopping.
6.) Clearance and sale items are not the same
When shopping online and in stores, know that sale items and clearance items are different.  Clearance is when a company lowers the price on an item for good.  This is usually when seasons change or a store want to get rid of leftover clothing that was not sold.  A sale is when a retailer temporarily lowers the price on items, usually a couple days or a week. Clearance items are usually at a lower price than sale items.
7.) Shop summer clothes at the end of summer and winter clothes at the end of winter
To get the best deals on clothes, shop for the opposite season you are in. You want to get the size your kids will be in next year. 
8.) Shop on the end caps!
 End caps are where clearance items are at that cannot go on a hanger.
9.) Save your coupons from your receipts
I am not one to go searching for coupons because I do not think they are worth taking your time to search for.  But a lot of stores are giving out coupons based on what you bought when your receipts are printed.  I always keep those coupons and try to use them since it does not take much work to get them.
10.) ALWAYS pay attention when the cashier is scanning your items
I cannot count how many times my items have not rang up to what they are supposed to be.  Also, I have may cashiers who get scan happy and ring items up more than once. 
11.) Accessorize!
Instead of buying new clothes that are in at the time, buy accessories because fads come and go.  Having pieces that never go out of style will give you more bang for your buck and you do not have to worry about not being able to wear it next year.
12.) Do not pay full price for clothing, unless you cannot live without it
Most of the times I have bought an item for the full price, I will see if go on clearance a couple weeks later.  This does not happen all the time but it is worth it to wait it out and see.  Nothing pisses me off more than paying full price on an item and see if much cheaper a week later.
12.) Care for your clothing and always buy the right size
If you take care of your clothing, it will last a lot longer.  I try to air dry as much of my clothing as possible and using Clorox 2 Stain Fighter and Color Booster every once in a while will make your clothing look like new.  Even if there is an awesome sale on a piece of clothing and it is a size too small, there is no point in buying it because it is just a waste of money if you cannot actually wear it.
13.)When grocery shopping, shop alone and on a full stomach.
When my boyfriend Eric grocery shopping with me, we end up spending a lot more than I want to. I always make a list and I know if I bring him, we will get a lot more than what is on my list.  Also, shopping hungry will make you want to buy everything you see because everything looks good.
14.) Shop for in season fruits and vegetables
Stores have to pay more for veggies and fruits that are not in season so, therefore you are going to have to pay more.
15.) Try not to buy pre-made food
When you buy premade food, you are going to pay more for the convenience.  Pre-made food be food like T.V. dinners.

Places that have awesome sales and clearance:
-Kohl's: They always have sales and their clearance is up to 90%.  They have Kohl's Cash also.  If you spend a certain amount of money, they will give you Kohl's Cash, which is just like cash you can spend on your next visit.
-Target: Their clearance is up to 70% and they always have sales also.  They have a dollar isle that is awesome and it is usually right when you walk in.  Make sure you look on the end caps. This is a website for accessories and they have really good prices and the quality is great for the price.
-Amazon: I cannot say enough good things about this website.  Some of the items such as electronics are the same if not more but the majority of the items of the site are way cheaper than the retail value.
-JCPenney's:  They have amazing clearance.  They often have $2 and $5 clearance racks.
-Etsy's: They have good prices on quality made head bows.  They have sales that last a few days on everything from kids clothing to beauty items.
-Ross- They have discounted designer items that are much cheaper than retail value. I will admit, some of their items look like they came from 1992 but you can definitely find some gems if you look.  Everything is $5.99 or less and items like sweatpants are great to buy from here.
-Sear's-  They have great clearance and sale racks.
-Old Navy-  I NEVER by anything for full price from Old Navy.  In the back of their store, they have clearance racks and you can find great prices on clothing for your children significant other, and for yourself. This website has baby everything at affordable prices.  They have a section for items under $5!
-AMI Clubwear- They have affordable shoes and clothing even though some of their clothes have barely there fabric.  Check out their clearance! They are kind of like AMI Clubwear but better!
-Alloy- I will only buy their clearance items.
-H&M- Amazing!  They have super cute clothing for you, your child, and significant other for an affordable price.  The only bad thing is you cannot buy online yet. They have free shipping, great sales, and awesome deals when you first sign up.

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