Thursday, June 27, 2013

DIY Fabric Bows

One thing I love about having a baby girl is all the cute bows.  She has one to match almost every outfit in her closet.  I love a good headband bow but lately, we have been buying a lot more clip bows because they actually stay in Chloe's hair unlike the headbands.  Our favorite places to get them are and Wal-Mart.  When I was at Wal-Mart the other day, I saw 18 x 21 inch fabric squares for $1 each!  I had no clue what I was going to use them for but I am a sucker for anything that is a dollar!  I decided to try fabric bows and they turned out pretty good.  All you need is fabric, scissors, a glue gun, clips, and whatever embellishments you want to put in the middle of the flower.
I used a pop can to outline my first circle but you can use any round object depending on how big you want your bow.  You will need about nine of these circles so, use the first circle as a stencil for the other eight circles.  I folded the fabric multiple times so I did not have to individually cut out each circle. 
One of the circles will be the base so place it on a hard surface upside down.  Take another circle and fold it in half two times.  Then, take one side of the flap and fold it over. Glue the tip and place on the base.
Keep doing this, placing each piece of fabric next to each other and when there is no more room, overlap them.
Glue whatever embellishments you have in the center of the flower.  I used pearls and a pink rhinestone.  Next, glue the clip to the back of the flower and let it dry. And there you have it!  I would like if they would have turned out less frayed but that is what scissors are for!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Nothing messes up the weekend like a Monday....

Am I the only person who sets their alarm clock at least 30 minutes earlier because I know I will need to hit snooze a few times before I can commit to getting up?  I can't be!  I do know I am not the only person who is anti-Monday and I would not mind at all if it was eliminated all together but the work week has to start eventually.   Every morning on the way to work, I listen to the Tom Joyner Morning show on 107.3 which I HIGHLY recommend to get your work day started with a laugh.  But any who, they have this saying, "Nothing messes up the weekend like a Monday."  That has got to be the best quote out there!  As I type this, Monday is finally coming to a close but I wanted to take a few minutes to express how much I truly dislike this day.
A few reasons I hate Mondays...
This is the day the weekend ends and the work week begins.
This is the day I have to drive 30 LOOOOONG minutes to work and back.
This is the day you realize there are five long days ahead and wonder, "How the hell am I going to last 40 hours in this place!?"
This is the day the late nights and early mornings begin.
This is the day I begin reading the never ending pages of Business Law. (Avoid this class like the plague if you are in school)
But the main reason I hate Mondays is leaving this precious face....

I always used to think that I wanted to do it all and be a working mother but now that I am a mother, I would love to be a stay at home mother.  Not being around to feed her, change her, play with her, etc. honestly makes me so sad and guilty at the same time.  I have to keep telling myself that I am doing the best I can and spend as much time with her as I can when I can.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Fourth of July Decorations

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays and since it is coming up, I wanted to try and make some easy , affordable decorations.  I have always loved holidays and I am determined to make holidays as festive as possible for Chloe so DIY decorations are perfect since I am on a budget!  What is great about these are the fact that they easily be switched up and made for any holiday.  I was super excited to have a craft partner, Eric!  He looks completely miserable in the pictures but I think he secretly loved it ! First up is the flowers...
All you need is a vase, fake flowers, water, and food coloring.  I love this idea and can be adapted to any holiday.  Eric and Chloe got me flowers for Mother's Day and one of the petals fell in the water and turned the water pink.  I thought it looked so cool but fresh flowers are expensive and do not last very long so, this idea was the next best thing.  I got the flowers and vase at the Dollar Tree.  Fill the vase up with water and drop a couple drops of blue food coloring and mix it.  Then you can put your flowers in.  It is really easy but will instantly add festiveness to any holiday you choose.
For the picture, you need an old sheet or towel, spray glue, scissors, scrapbooking paper, letters, a canvas, and any decorations you want to put on it.  I chose, "Let Freedom Ring" for the caption with the year of America's independence.  And I am not gonna lie, I did have to google that!

All we did was put an old blanket done, sprayed the glue on the canvas and the back of the scrapbooking paper, and placed it on top of the canvas.  We made we had enough paper on the sides to fold it around the canvas.  Next, we cut the scrapbooking paper where the corners of the canvas were so we could fold it over smoothly.  Then, we sprayed the glue on the sides and folded it over the canvas.

The next step is decorating the canvas which was my favorite part!  We had small, medium, and large stars so, we decided to overlap the different colors.  Eric put the lettering on because he is a perfectionist and is good at almost everything! 

Doesn't he look happy?!
I loved how it turned out and we had a lot of fun doing it together.  Even if it is just Fourth of July, holidays are all about spending time with family, making memories, and traditions so I love ideas like this.  This idea is perfect for kids and I just cannot wait until Chloe can participate! 



Sunday, June 2, 2013

Meat-ah-ball Sandwiches

Meatball sandwiches are my go to meal when I have a minimal time for dinner and lately that has been the case.  It is very simple and only takes about 30 minutes total to make.  Another plus is the fact that most of the ingredients are household items and may be substituted if you do not have them at home.  If you want to go fancy and you have extra time, you can even make your own homemade sauce and that would make it even better!

Meatball Sandwiches
-1 lb. ground beef
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1/4 cup parmesan
-1/2 cup itailan bread crumbs
-1 egg beaten
-2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
-salt and pepper
-spaghetti sauce, about 1 1/2 cups
-8 oz package of mozzarella cheese
-4 Roma brat buns (you can use any brand)

1.)  First thing you want to do is preheat the oven to 350.  Beat the egg and then mix everything except the mozzarella cheese and spaghetti sauce.
2.) After it is all mixed, put some foil on a pan and form your meatballs whatever size you want to. 

3.)  Bake the meatballs for 14 to 16 minutes.
4.) Toss them in spaghetti sauce and leave about a cup of sauce on the side.

5.) Spray a cake pan with vegetable oil spray and place four buns with open side facing up.  Spoon some sauce at the bottom on the inside of the bun.

6.) Put your meatballs inside.  I put three in each because my meatballs were pretty big.  Spoon some sauce over the top and sprinkle mozzarella on top.
7.) Put your oven on broil and place the pan on the middle rack.  You will want to keep a close eye on there since they are on broil.  I left them in for about a minute or two.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Five Month Update

I cannot believe my little girl is five months old but it is weird because I also do not remember life without her.  She has grown so much in this past month and is doing more and more new things.  You do not realize how things that seem so little are really monumental moments for a child and how proud that they make a parent.  For example, Chloe learning how to pick her pacifier up and put it in her mouth was so exciting for Eric and I.  Before I entered the Motherhood club, I did not realize that each little accomplishment, no matter how small, is so important and exciting in a child's life.  Every month, we use a chalkboard and take a picture so we can see how much she has grown from month to month.  When you are taking care of your child everyday, it is hard to see just how much they have really grown and changed physically so, looking back at previous months really shows you their growth. 

Weight: 15 lbs

Four Month Check-up: At Chloe's four month check-up, she got four shots.  I felt so terrible for being such a wreck when she was the one who had to get poked!  She did so awesome though!  Of  course she cried but afterwards, she acted like nothing happened!  We were told it was okay to start baby food and cereal.  She is in the 50th percentile for her weight, height, and head circumference.  And she is completely healthly!

Biggest Accomplishments:
-Eating cereal and baby food: She is still unsure about baby food and definitely still prefers her milk.  But she loves the cereal and is super filling compared to her milk.
-Rolling over: This is by far the accomplishment I am most proud of!  She is really starting to realize how to move her body and it is amazing how quick this came about.  I remember when she was just born and just laid there not even realizing she had two arms and two legs attached to her so, it is super exciting that she can actually roll over.
-Grabbing and reaching for items: I love that she grabs for things even if it is my face!
-Spitting:  I never thought I would say that it was cute for anybody to spit!  The other morning Chloe had her mouth on my cheek and kept spitting.   I honestly thought it was the cutest thing ever and made my morning!

Biggest Fail: So, we were out and about a few weekends ago and we just left Wal-Mart.  I smelt a familiar smell coming from Chloe's booty and I was hoping to myself that it was not a blow-out because that is her signature move.  I decide to just change her in the car and of course it was all over her outfit.  I always bring an extra outfit because of this reason but this time, I completely forgot to.  We had to put her in her car seat with no clothes on.  At first I felt like a terrible mom but I realized I am a first time mother and as long as I am doing my best and nothing less, I  should be proud.  And this would not be the first learning experience I have had in the last five months!

What we are working on:
-Holding our bottle
-Sign language for eat-Obviously she cannot sign yet but I want her to know what it means when I do it.  That way, when she can do it, she will catch on to it quicker.
-Sitting up

Mama and Mini May Favorites

The month of May has been a really exciting but exhausting one.  Chloe has been learning to do so many things like rolling over.  I feel like she has grown more this month than any other month but I do feel that way every month.  I also had finals for my classes and started working again so it has been a month of adjusting and learning to juggle everything. I have compiled favorites for Chloe and I that have made the month easier and more enjoyable.  Lets start with Chloe's favorites.

Giraffe: This giraffe was given to Chloe by one of her cousins Lincoln.  She is so in love with giraffe mostly because in nose fits perfectly in her mouth and right now she loves putting any and everything in her mouth.

Pacifier Wipes: We do have a pacifier leash so it does not fall on the floor but it can still get lint and hair on it that is flying through the air.  So, we bought these this month so we can give it a wipe if we are out and about.  When Eric wanted to get them, I thought they were a waste of money but they really do come in handy!
Baby Food and Cereal: The perdiatrician gave us the okay to start feeding Chloe cereal and baby food at her four month visit.  I was super excited about her trying food that was not milk and I could not wait to see her reaction.  I have been around a fair amount of babies before having Chloe so I knew she probably would not be as excited as I was hoping for.  The pediatrician even told us that the taste of sweetness is an acquired taste and babies usually do not like it at first.  Of course she loves the cereal but she is still unsure about the baby food.  She makes this look of disgust half the time and she is still learning how to eat with the spoon. 

Sparkle Shoe: We got these shoes at our baby shower from our friends Connie and Harvey and I have been waiting to put these on Chloe.  I am in love and if they were my size, I would definitely rock them!
Clip Bows: I love headband bows but they just are not practical because they always fall off so, I have been buying more and more clip bows and since Chloe was blessed with lots of hair, they are perfect and stay on all day.  I have been looking for a way to better store them without having to dig through them all to find the right color bow everyday.  Chloe has picture boards in her room and one day I realized I could use that to store them!  I love this idea and it is super cute too.

Now on to Mama's favorites....
Justin Timberlake CD: Just when I lost all faith in new R&B, my boyfriend bought me Justin Timberlake's new CD and I am in love.  It must be pretty good because it has replaced Drake in my car CD player.  I love all music but my favorite hands down is R & B.  A lot of people would call his music pop but to me, it is more R & B especially when it comes to this album. Lately, it seems like artists are running out of ideas and have not come out with music like they used to.  So when I got this gem, I was extremely happy and it is full of hits.  Some of my favorites are Pusha Love, Tunnel Vision, and Spaceship Coupe.
Coconut Oil: Honestly, this has been a favorite every month since I discovered it.  I do not know what I did without this stuff before I discovered it.  It is like unicorn tears to me because it really does make a difference.  It is really absorbent and absorbs into your skin and hair like so other oil I have used.  I saturate my hair in this stuff once a week and I let it sit usually overnight (with a shower cap since will be greasy) but for at least a couple hours.  Once I wash it out, my hair is so soft and shiny.  I also use it on a daily basis mostly on my ends but I start out with a small amount because for daily shine, you do not want to use too much to where you look like a grease ball.  I use this on my skin also and my face at night.  When I wake up in the morning, my skin is very soft. 
Mac Pro Long wear Concealer: I always say that is I was stranded on a deserted island, I would pick concealer as the one item I would want to have but now it is Mac Pro Long wear Concealer.  This stuff is amazing and when it says it is crease less, you better believe it!  Many concealers claim to be creaseless but most fail but this stuff is the real deal.  It is more expensive than drugstore concealers but you really do pay what you get for with this stuff.
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso: This blush is so pretty and is my go-to blush on a day-to-day basis.  It is a peachy pink blush that has a touch of gold in it. 

Bib Necklace: I have been on an accessory kick lately and I have been OBSESSED with bib necklaces. has really cute and affordable jewelry period but their bib necklaces are so amazing.  They instantly bring your outfit to another level and can dress up even a plain white t-shirt.