Tuesday, June 11, 2013

DIY Fourth of July Decorations

Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays and since it is coming up, I wanted to try and make some easy , affordable decorations.  I have always loved holidays and I am determined to make holidays as festive as possible for Chloe so DIY decorations are perfect since I am on a budget!  What is great about these are the fact that they easily be switched up and made for any holiday.  I was super excited to have a craft partner, Eric!  He looks completely miserable in the pictures but I think he secretly loved it ! First up is the flowers...
All you need is a vase, fake flowers, water, and food coloring.  I love this idea and can be adapted to any holiday.  Eric and Chloe got me flowers for Mother's Day and one of the petals fell in the water and turned the water pink.  I thought it looked so cool but fresh flowers are expensive and do not last very long so, this idea was the next best thing.  I got the flowers and vase at the Dollar Tree.  Fill the vase up with water and drop a couple drops of blue food coloring and mix it.  Then you can put your flowers in.  It is really easy but will instantly add festiveness to any holiday you choose.
For the picture, you need an old sheet or towel, spray glue, scissors, scrapbooking paper, letters, a canvas, and any decorations you want to put on it.  I chose, "Let Freedom Ring" for the caption with the year of America's independence.  And I am not gonna lie, I did have to google that!

All we did was put an old blanket done, sprayed the glue on the canvas and the back of the scrapbooking paper, and placed it on top of the canvas.  We made we had enough paper on the sides to fold it around the canvas.  Next, we cut the scrapbooking paper where the corners of the canvas were so we could fold it over smoothly.  Then, we sprayed the glue on the sides and folded it over the canvas.

The next step is decorating the canvas which was my favorite part!  We had small, medium, and large stars so, we decided to overlap the different colors.  Eric put the lettering on because he is a perfectionist and is good at almost everything! 

Doesn't he look happy?!
I loved how it turned out and we had a lot of fun doing it together.  Even if it is just Fourth of July, holidays are all about spending time with family, making memories, and traditions so I love ideas like this.  This idea is perfect for kids and I just cannot wait until Chloe can participate! 



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