Saturday, June 1, 2013

Mama and Mini May Favorites

The month of May has been a really exciting but exhausting one.  Chloe has been learning to do so many things like rolling over.  I feel like she has grown more this month than any other month but I do feel that way every month.  I also had finals for my classes and started working again so it has been a month of adjusting and learning to juggle everything. I have compiled favorites for Chloe and I that have made the month easier and more enjoyable.  Lets start with Chloe's favorites.

Giraffe: This giraffe was given to Chloe by one of her cousins Lincoln.  She is so in love with giraffe mostly because in nose fits perfectly in her mouth and right now she loves putting any and everything in her mouth.

Pacifier Wipes: We do have a pacifier leash so it does not fall on the floor but it can still get lint and hair on it that is flying through the air.  So, we bought these this month so we can give it a wipe if we are out and about.  When Eric wanted to get them, I thought they were a waste of money but they really do come in handy!
Baby Food and Cereal: The perdiatrician gave us the okay to start feeding Chloe cereal and baby food at her four month visit.  I was super excited about her trying food that was not milk and I could not wait to see her reaction.  I have been around a fair amount of babies before having Chloe so I knew she probably would not be as excited as I was hoping for.  The pediatrician even told us that the taste of sweetness is an acquired taste and babies usually do not like it at first.  Of course she loves the cereal but she is still unsure about the baby food.  She makes this look of disgust half the time and she is still learning how to eat with the spoon. 

Sparkle Shoe: We got these shoes at our baby shower from our friends Connie and Harvey and I have been waiting to put these on Chloe.  I am in love and if they were my size, I would definitely rock them!
Clip Bows: I love headband bows but they just are not practical because they always fall off so, I have been buying more and more clip bows and since Chloe was blessed with lots of hair, they are perfect and stay on all day.  I have been looking for a way to better store them without having to dig through them all to find the right color bow everyday.  Chloe has picture boards in her room and one day I realized I could use that to store them!  I love this idea and it is super cute too.

Now on to Mama's favorites....
Justin Timberlake CD: Just when I lost all faith in new R&B, my boyfriend bought me Justin Timberlake's new CD and I am in love.  It must be pretty good because it has replaced Drake in my car CD player.  I love all music but my favorite hands down is R & B.  A lot of people would call his music pop but to me, it is more R & B especially when it comes to this album. Lately, it seems like artists are running out of ideas and have not come out with music like they used to.  So when I got this gem, I was extremely happy and it is full of hits.  Some of my favorites are Pusha Love, Tunnel Vision, and Spaceship Coupe.
Coconut Oil: Honestly, this has been a favorite every month since I discovered it.  I do not know what I did without this stuff before I discovered it.  It is like unicorn tears to me because it really does make a difference.  It is really absorbent and absorbs into your skin and hair like so other oil I have used.  I saturate my hair in this stuff once a week and I let it sit usually overnight (with a shower cap since will be greasy) but for at least a couple hours.  Once I wash it out, my hair is so soft and shiny.  I also use it on a daily basis mostly on my ends but I start out with a small amount because for daily shine, you do not want to use too much to where you look like a grease ball.  I use this on my skin also and my face at night.  When I wake up in the morning, my skin is very soft. 
Mac Pro Long wear Concealer: I always say that is I was stranded on a deserted island, I would pick concealer as the one item I would want to have but now it is Mac Pro Long wear Concealer.  This stuff is amazing and when it says it is crease less, you better believe it!  Many concealers claim to be creaseless but most fail but this stuff is the real deal.  It is more expensive than drugstore concealers but you really do pay what you get for with this stuff.
Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso: This blush is so pretty and is my go-to blush on a day-to-day basis.  It is a peachy pink blush that has a touch of gold in it. 

Bib Necklace: I have been on an accessory kick lately and I have been OBSESSED with bib necklaces. has really cute and affordable jewelry period but their bib necklaces are so amazing.  They instantly bring your outfit to another level and can dress up even a plain white t-shirt.


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