Monday, July 29, 2013

Day at the Water Park

So over the weekend, we went to the Independence Water Park with some friends and their son.  It was pretty cool out at 80 degrees but we had tons of fun. It started out on a bad note with a major fail.  We were in the kiddy pool area and they have these buckets that fill up with water that eventually tip over and pour out.  So, I walk over to take Chloe down the slide and as we were waiting in the line, the bucket pours right on top of Chloe and I.  She bursts into tears of course and I felt like the worst mother EVER!  As I type this, I still fell terrible!  After Chloe and I got over the incident ( I think it took longer for me to get over it)  we had a great time.  We went around the lazy river a million and one times and could have many more times.   I love that thing and if I won the lottery, that would be one of the first things I would buy.  Not only did we have a good time, I got tons of good pics I cannot wait to put in her scrapbook!

Ok, so Eric was skeptical about this two-piece bikini as a lot of fathers would be but she is just a baby and it was way to cute to not buy.  It was just one of those things that needed to be bought and being only $3 at the thrift store definitely took a part in my buying decision.

This face!  I seriously cannot deal with all this cuteness!

As Eric an I complained about the cold water, Chloe was just as laid back and non-chalant as ever.  She didn't let a little bucket of water on the head phase her! As Eric would say, "She ain't afraid of no ghost!"

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby's First Outing at the Zoo

You will probably find this to be crazy but I did not go to the zoo for my first time until I was around
21 years old!  I knew that was something I wanted Chloe to experience because I think I would have loved it as a child.  So, over the weekend, we took Chloe to the zoo for her first time.  It was a lot of fun but super tiring and very HOT!  We actually did not stay that long because Eric is still feeling the side effects from his accident.  But it is not like Chloe cared!  She was more interested in trying to eat her fan than the animals which I pretty much knew that would be the case before we got there.  But I am all about firsts and making memories so I as okay with it! Here are a few pics of our outing.

Here we are watching the Polar Bear which was my personal favorite.  I am definitely not an animal person at all but I could seriously watch this Polar Bear for a hour.  It kept flipping in the water and bouncing off the glass wall with his feet.  For some reason I thought this was so awesome.

I had to get a picture of Chloe sitting on what I think is a Buddha statue for no reason at all!  This is why I have 1200 pictures stored in my camera!

Two  of the very few pictures I got of actual animals.

So, that is our day at the zoo!  We had a lot of fun but I cannot wait to come back next year when Chloe will actually care (hopefully) about the animals.  Thanks for reading!

Friday, July 12, 2013

To My Man....

If I had to pick one word to describe how I feel about having Eric in my life, it would be blessed.  For anyone reading this that does not know who he is, he is my boyfriend, baby daddy (hate that I have to call him that!), my friend, and my everything.  There are so many qualities that he has that I seriously do not think I can find in any other man.  He is my go -to for EVERYTHING, the man can do anything!  Lock my keys in the car? Call Eric. Car won't start? Call Eric.  Need Directions? Call Eric.  Having a know it all boyfriend can be annoying at times,  I will be honest but I love it at the same time! 

Not only is he right all the time, he has a heart of gold.  He may tell you different but I know him and he does.  He will drop anything for his family and friends or even a stranger.  On the outside he is a manly man but on the inside, he is such a kind person.  Another quality I love about him is the fact that his is so mature for his age.  That is one reason I believe we were made for each other.  I am an old soul and so is he.  Since we started dating at 19, we have both have had such mature qualities.  They are different qualities but that makes us perfect for each other.

I have always knew I hit the jackpot with Eric but when we had Chloe, that is when I really realized I had someone who was rare.  Through labor, he was there for me 100% and knew what to say and do every moment of that process.  And when Chloe came into the world, he gave her more love than I could ever hope for our little girl. You can just see the love radiate from him to her and her to him.  He loves her to the core and vice versa. 

Just this morning, I thought to myself that I need to write a post about him and share how lucky Chloe and I are.  Getting to work, I get a call from his supervisor that he was involved in a wreck and my heart sank.  For me and Chloe.  Driving from work, not knowing the exact condition he was in, was terrible.  He ended up having a concussion and multiple bruises and lacerations all over his head and body.  He was in a dump truck with a lot of weight in it and the truck ended up rolling over completely.  Although he is pretty banged up, he is lucky because it could be much worse.  Things like this that happen to your loved ones really make you realize how important they are to you and how things would be so much different if they were not there.  So, if you are reading this, take the time to let those special to you know what they mean to you and never take them for granted!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quick Weekend Post in Pics

Chloe in her robe after a morning bath.
My little hunny siting big in her Bumbo waiting patiently for me to get ready.

 At Lowe's, also known as the most boring place on earth.  Am I the only person who HATES this place.
Monster shrimp from Outback
Diaper bag for $10 at Sears!
After her bath Sunday Night.
Got my nails did, by myself of course!

Fourth of July Festivities!

Happy almost a week late Fourth of July!  Although it is a little late to be posting about our Fourth, I still am!  I did not have a four day weekend like my lucky boyfriend but it was still very enjoyable.  It was Chloe's first Fourth of July so it was a special day and weekend.  I am all about firsts when it comes to our baby girl.  I do not care if it is her first thumbnail or her first Fourth of July.  No matter how small, a first is a first and I love seeing her reaction to completely new things.  One new thing she was introduced to was fireworks of course!  We were thinking she was going to be so scared but nope!  She was a champ!  But any who, I wanted to share our Fourth of July with whoever stumbles upon this blog....
Does anyone else take a nap with their child a couple of hours after you wake up in the morning?  Well, we do and we love it even if that means we overslept the second time!  We woke up at 7 in the morning and took a nap shortly after that and slept until 10:30!  Now that would have been all fine and dandy if we did not have food to prepare, fireworks to get, a baby to get ready, and my own self to try and put some effort in.  Beside waking up later than I wanted, everything else went great from there!  Eric and I started preparing the food.  He grilled hot dogs, brats, and cheeseburgers and I made some appetizers; weenies, rotel, and taco cupcakes.  Eric's sister Nena brought over all the sides and some other stuff and we had a good time with both sides of our family.

Eric helped my niece and little cousins shoot fireworks and Eric's nephews brought a slip and slide all while Chloe, my mom, and I spectated.  I love simple moments like this.  We did not do anything too fancy but I could not have had a better day especially having my mom and dad there with me with my little family.

And then we went to go watch fireworks.  Fireworks can get kind of dull in my opinion because you see them every year and I seem to expect something crazy that is not going to happen.  But it makes me wonder how the heck they are made.  It really is amazing how they have different patterns and how they are made to shoot in different directions.  I know, that was a deep thought.  Once the show was done, Chloe's cousins did some fireworks and they also let off a flying sky lantern which was very pretty.  I definitely want to get Chloe one next year.
 I cannot keep my eyes open to save my life!

At the very end of the night, she burst in tears because of one of the fireworks.  It was so cute but so sad at the same time!  She lasted all day and night and did not let out one cry until that one firework that was not even that loud!  So, we spent the rest of he night in the car and it was one of the best moments because I got to spend some quiet time with my baby girl after a long day!  Thank you for reading and I hope everyone had a great Fourth!


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Six Month Update

Weight: 17 lbs

Six Month Check-up: I am every upset I was unable to take the time off to be at Chloe's check-up but I could not get off work so, Eric had to take her.  The pediatrician said she is growing perfectly and did not see any problems. Chloe already has her two bottom teeth and the pediatrician said her top two are growing in.  She said that in the next month or so, we will see dramatic changes in her movements and personality.  She expects Chloe to be crawling within a month or two!  Crazy!

Biggest Accomplishments:
-Sitting for about five to ten seconds! She cannot sit long right now but she still can! I have been trying to work with her to strengthen her back so she will be sitting like a pro in no time!  It is crazy how a new milestone just pops up out of no where! 
Her two teefies (teeth in baby talk)- Chloe has two bottom teeth.  And it seems like everyone knows the universal word for teeth on babies...TEEFIES!
Biggest Fail: It seems like every day, there is a new scratch on her face!  I will just look at her and out of no where, there will be a scratch.  No cry, no cry, it just pops up.  Her nails grow so quick and I feel like I need to cut them every other day and she still cuts herself.  One thing I hate is seeing such a precious face with a scratch on it!
What we are working on:
-Holding our bottle- Chloe must know she is a princess because she makes no effort to hold her bottle for longer than ten seconds.
-Sign language for eat-Obviously she cannot sign yet but I want her to know what it means when I do it.  That way, when she can do it, she will catch on to it quicker.
-Sitting up longer
-Eating three meals a day-  For some reason she does not like eating from a spoon.  She will not even eat half of cereal or baby food if it is fed to her by spoon.

Highlights of the month:

Excuse the boobage in this picture! But this was her first time swimming.  Eric and I both thought it was so cold but she was no non-chalant about it!  We seriously have the most laid back baby ever.
Minnie Mouse Outfit=LOVE! 
I came home from my massage Chloe got me for Mother's Day to this! Seriously doesn't get any better than this!

More Daddy/Daughter Love
One Leg in the air cuteness.  Everything she does is cute!
Momma/Daughter lovings,
My little hippie
Looking back, I realize just how amazing this whole process has been.  From the time I saw those two lines  and found out I was pregnant to now, I feel so blessed to have Chloe and be able to watch her grow.  It is really a miracle and if you don't believe in miracles, have a child and you will think a lot different!