Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Mama & Mini June Favorites

June was a month full of new favorites for Chloe and I.  We discovered  a lot of new favorites which was extremely good since we stopped giving Chloe her pacifier the last few days of June.  So, she had plenty of toys to put in her mouth and chew on!  I also found some gems for myself that I am super happy about and want to share so maybe if someone reads this, they can enjoy them too!  First is our absolute favorite....

The Bumbo Chair
What you looking at?!

We got this chair to help Chloe with strengthening her back so she can sit up longer by herself.  There is also a tray attachment we got for it so she can eat on it or even put toys on it!  She likes it a lot better than her other chairs she has because she is sitting straight up and can see everything and this girl does not like to miss anything!

Baby Dolls & Stuffed Animals
On the way to work one day, I was thinking about how Chloe did not have one baby doll!  I know, random thought but every little girl NEEDS a baby doll!  It is a necessity just like she needs diapers and milk!  So, that evening we went and got her two baby dolls and a Minnie Mouse doll.  I just knew she was going to think they are just like her and love on them but the first thing she does is attack them and put their body parts in her mouth!  But it was equally cute!
Stroller Fan
This has been a must have for the weekends.  Since the hot weather is approaching and we love to get outside on the weekends, this is perfect for us.  You can clip it on the stroller multiple ways but it is tricky finding the best place so your little hunny does not grab it.  We liked that it has a foam fan so it did not hurt Chloe when she grab it.

$5 Winter Coat!
This winter coat was only $5 at Crazy 8 at The Legends Shopping Mall!!!  I picked this up a few weeks ago when they were having a sale where everything was $10.99 or under ( I think they do this every Sunday).  There is nothing like getting a good deal, especially for a cheapskate!
Vibrating Soother
We got this at Wal-Mart and it is supposed to be for soothing your child when they are fussy.  I do not think it soothes Chloe but she does love it.  I think it actually makes her more excited than soothed!  She loves to put it in her mouth (like everything else) especially when it is vibrating.
On to Mama's favorites....
TJ Maxx
As a cheapskate and a person who gets thrill on a good deal, I cannot believe my first time stepping foot in TJ Maxx was just a couple weeks ago!  This place is amazing!!!!  I never went in there because I thought it was like Marshall's and to me, they are still pretty expensive but they are so much better.  Their home section is my favorite.  I saw this glass jar (don't know what the official name for it is!) I really wanted at Nebraska Furniture Mart that was $20 and I saw the exact same one for $9.99!    I also got some overalls for Chloe I had been eyeing at Osh Kosh and they wanted $32 but I found them at TJ Maxx for $7.99!  Needless to say, I snatched both up!

Sonia Kashuk Cream Bronzer
O-M-G, this stuff is amazing!!! I cannot get enough of this stuff, it is seriously the best bronzer I have ever used!  I got it from Target for $10.99 and when I first got it and did a swatch on my finger, I did not think I would like it. But boy was I wrong!  It is so thin and you can't even feel it on your skin!
Josie Maran Argan Oil
I am sure almost everyone has heard about Argan Oil whether it is this brand or in general and I see why it is so popular!  Josie Maran has a wide variety of products with Argan oil and all her products are paraben free and natural.  This stuff works wonders and can be used for just about anything.  I have used if on my hair, cuticles, and skin and it has improved each of them.  The only downside is the price.  This little bottle was $14!  I might try the generic kind next time! 

So that is the end of our favorites!  If you read this, thank you and I hope one of our new favorites becomes one of yours!

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