Saturday, July 6, 2013

Six Month Update

Weight: 17 lbs

Six Month Check-up: I am every upset I was unable to take the time off to be at Chloe's check-up but I could not get off work so, Eric had to take her.  The pediatrician said she is growing perfectly and did not see any problems. Chloe already has her two bottom teeth and the pediatrician said her top two are growing in.  She said that in the next month or so, we will see dramatic changes in her movements and personality.  She expects Chloe to be crawling within a month or two!  Crazy!

Biggest Accomplishments:
-Sitting for about five to ten seconds! She cannot sit long right now but she still can! I have been trying to work with her to strengthen her back so she will be sitting like a pro in no time!  It is crazy how a new milestone just pops up out of no where! 
Her two teefies (teeth in baby talk)- Chloe has two bottom teeth.  And it seems like everyone knows the universal word for teeth on babies...TEEFIES!
Biggest Fail: It seems like every day, there is a new scratch on her face!  I will just look at her and out of no where, there will be a scratch.  No cry, no cry, it just pops up.  Her nails grow so quick and I feel like I need to cut them every other day and she still cuts herself.  One thing I hate is seeing such a precious face with a scratch on it!
What we are working on:
-Holding our bottle- Chloe must know she is a princess because she makes no effort to hold her bottle for longer than ten seconds.
-Sign language for eat-Obviously she cannot sign yet but I want her to know what it means when I do it.  That way, when she can do it, she will catch on to it quicker.
-Sitting up longer
-Eating three meals a day-  For some reason she does not like eating from a spoon.  She will not even eat half of cereal or baby food if it is fed to her by spoon.

Highlights of the month:

Excuse the boobage in this picture! But this was her first time swimming.  Eric and I both thought it was so cold but she was no non-chalant about it!  We seriously have the most laid back baby ever.
Minnie Mouse Outfit=LOVE! 
I came home from my massage Chloe got me for Mother's Day to this! Seriously doesn't get any better than this!

More Daddy/Daughter Love
One Leg in the air cuteness.  Everything she does is cute!
Momma/Daughter lovings,
My little hippie
Looking back, I realize just how amazing this whole process has been.  From the time I saw those two lines  and found out I was pregnant to now, I feel so blessed to have Chloe and be able to watch her grow.  It is really a miracle and if you don't believe in miracles, have a child and you will think a lot different!


  1. Shes so cute!!!!!! I love the picture of her sitting on the bed. It's like she's saying "what's up?!"

  2. This is absolutely adorable Kas, I totally agree...such miracles they are, we can't wait to see you guys!!!!! Lol! Her lil legs are sooooo skinny compared to Amari's, I guess that kinda runs in your fan though! ;-) I loooove the pic with her and Eric sleeping and the one where she's all happy gettin a kiss from Mommy...we loooove you and can't wait to see you guys!!! She's getting more and more beautiful everyday!!!!!! <3

  3. Lol me too, Nena! There is thos one pic of her in her Bumbo with this same look, she makes the cutest facial expressions.

  4. Thanks, Liv! We cannot wait either! Lol I cant wait to see how much he has grown and pinch those chunky legs!