Friday, July 12, 2013

To My Man....

If I had to pick one word to describe how I feel about having Eric in my life, it would be blessed.  For anyone reading this that does not know who he is, he is my boyfriend, baby daddy (hate that I have to call him that!), my friend, and my everything.  There are so many qualities that he has that I seriously do not think I can find in any other man.  He is my go -to for EVERYTHING, the man can do anything!  Lock my keys in the car? Call Eric. Car won't start? Call Eric.  Need Directions? Call Eric.  Having a know it all boyfriend can be annoying at times,  I will be honest but I love it at the same time! 

Not only is he right all the time, he has a heart of gold.  He may tell you different but I know him and he does.  He will drop anything for his family and friends or even a stranger.  On the outside he is a manly man but on the inside, he is such a kind person.  Another quality I love about him is the fact that his is so mature for his age.  That is one reason I believe we were made for each other.  I am an old soul and so is he.  Since we started dating at 19, we have both have had such mature qualities.  They are different qualities but that makes us perfect for each other.

I have always knew I hit the jackpot with Eric but when we had Chloe, that is when I really realized I had someone who was rare.  Through labor, he was there for me 100% and knew what to say and do every moment of that process.  And when Chloe came into the world, he gave her more love than I could ever hope for our little girl. You can just see the love radiate from him to her and her to him.  He loves her to the core and vice versa. 

Just this morning, I thought to myself that I need to write a post about him and share how lucky Chloe and I are.  Getting to work, I get a call from his supervisor that he was involved in a wreck and my heart sank.  For me and Chloe.  Driving from work, not knowing the exact condition he was in, was terrible.  He ended up having a concussion and multiple bruises and lacerations all over his head and body.  He was in a dump truck with a lot of weight in it and the truck ended up rolling over completely.  Although he is pretty banged up, he is lucky because it could be much worse.  Things like this that happen to your loved ones really make you realize how important they are to you and how things would be so much different if they were not there.  So, if you are reading this, take the time to let those special to you know what they mean to you and never take them for granted!


  1. That was beautiful Kas. I'm so happy for you guys