Saturday, August 31, 2013

Nomination for Liebster Award!

I was nominated by Kristen from Kandid Kristen for the Liebster Award.  I am so honored because I absolutely love her blog.  Not only is she beautiful, she is hilarious and she is def someone  I could be friends with.  So, I am supposed to link her profile, give 11 random facts about me, answer 11 questions from Kristen, nominate five more bloggers with fewer than 200 followers, provide 11 questions for my nominees, and let them know I nominated them.  So, here I go...

11 Random Facts About Me:

  1. People often think I am Mexican but I am black and white. 
  2. I used to hate guacamole until I became pregnant with my daughter.
  3. I regret all three tattoos I have. 
  4. I wanted to be a mermaid when I was younger.
  5. I love reality T.V. and celebrity trash magazines.
  6. I had my first job when I was 14.
  7. I used to be obsessed with Nsync, The Rock, and Vin Diesel.
  8. I loved Spice Girls so much, one year , I got all Spice Girl stuff from dolls to their movie.
  9. My worst pet peeve is bad parkers. 
  10. The woman I look up to are my mom, her twin, and Oprah of course. 
  11. My favorite movies are Clueless, Scarface, and The Notebook.  Weird mix, I know!
11 Questions to Answer:

  1. If you could be any celebrity, who would it be? Oprah, of course!
  2. Favorite scent?  Laundry!
  3. If you could be on a reality show, which one would you choose? One where I could win money!
  4. Favorite Car?  Range Rover
  5. Football, Baseball or Basketball?  Football, only because I like cooking appetizers! 
  6. What other state would you live in besides the one your currently live? Probaly Florida.
  7. All time favorite song? Too Hard!  Any R & B music.
  8. What is your dream job? Marketing
  9. Favorite holiday? Halloween
  10. What was your first job? In a Tub
Who I nominate:

My questions for my nominations:
1. Where do you see yourself in five years?
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. Have you ever been out of the country?
4. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
5. What is your current occupation?
6. What are your favorite blogs to visit?
7. If you were stranded on a deserted island what two items would you want to have with you?
8. What is your dream vacation?
9. What is your favorite make up item?
10. What trend are you loving right now?

Monday, August 26, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

We had a much needed three day weekend and it was so nice to spend time three days with my little family.  The weekend was filled with firsts, food, football, and cuddles.  That combo together is what I call a perfect weekend!

On Friday, we took Chloe to the park for her first time and then went to the mall where she went on her first carousel ride.  She loved the swing which was basically the only thing she could actually do at the park.   All this fun resulted in this....
On Saturday we went to my little cousin's football game and got to see my family.  I got to put her jean vest on her which I am obsessed with but it quickly came off due to the 90 degree heat.  We did not stay long for that reason but it was fun while it lasted!

I got these football bowls and chip and dip set at Dollar Tree for $1 each and I used the pre-season game Saturday to put them to use!  I made nachos, quesadillas, wings, rotel, and microwaved some TGIF spinach artichoke dip.  I am planning to do a blog post about the quesadillas but I wanted to share the recipe I got from Six Sister's Stuff.  I tweaked it a little but it will be at the bottom of this post if you are interested!

 Baked Buffalo Wings
Dip & Quesadillas
My little Chiefs fan!

On Sunday, we had a chill day and did not leave the house!  I got some laundry done and we worked with Chloe all day trying to get her to crawl.  At the end of the day, she finally did and I am one proud momma!
Baked Buffalo Wings
3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
20 chicken wings
1/2 cup melted butter
1/2 cup Franks Red Pepper Sauce
1.) Mix the flour and all of the seasonings together.
2.) Dip each wing in the flour mixture and place on cookie sheet lined with aluminum foil that has been lightly sprayed with cooking spray and let set in the fridge for a hour.
3.) Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
4.) Melt the butter and add the hot sauce.  Half the sauce into two separate bowls and put one aside for now.
5.) Dip each wing in the mix and set on the cookie sheet.
6.) Bake for 20 minutes.
7.) Flip the wings over and add the hot sauce mix on each wing and cook for another 20 minutes.
8.) Enjoy!

I have a CRAWLING baby...

Yes, my baby can crawl...WTF!  I am such a proud momma right now! We were working with her all day trying to get baby girl to crawl.  Of course I was in the shower and Eric yells, "The baby's crawling!"  I just out all wet to see my baby crawl and nothing!!! I sat there in my towel just waiting with camera in hand! Then later on, Eric yells to me again to come see her crawl!  I am so glad she is a Daddy's girl buy come on!  Momma wants to see it too!  I waited and waited!  I put out toys, Eric's phone, my laptop, etc so she would hopefully crawl to get it. Finally, I put her nose sucker across from her and she crawled!  It was only for two seconds but she did it and I was so happy!  I know it will take her a while to get it down and be crawling on a regular basis but it is still such a monumental moment and I am just overwhelmed with emotions because of it!  Not only am I excited, I am scared too!  I am already an overprotective momma so I will be super paranoid now!  But that is just apart of growing and I cannot deny her growth because my own emotions!  I think I will close it with the video I worked so hard to get....Thanks for reading!


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Favorite Makeup Products for when I am in a Hurry

When I am in a hurry in the morning before work, (which is most mornings) I always reach for the same products because they are versatile and easy to apply. It seems like a lot of products but most of the products can be applied in a minute or less.  I definitely do not do it like a pro and I do not follow the rules when applying but I like the quickest way and it is perfect for a momma! Below are my seven favorite makeup products for makeup in a hurry!
I will go through why these products are good for quick makeup for Mothers.  I will go start at the left and move clockwise.
1. Mary Lou Manizer Highlighter by The Balm:
This highlighter is amazing! It is a champagne color and not too shimmery.  I got mine here on for $15 which was a good deal because it is around $24 regularly.  I love using this product because you can use it for eye shadow also.  I use this to highlight my cheekbones, brow bones, and the bridge of my nose and I just use my finger.
2. The Naked 2 Pallette:
This is probably my best makeup purchase EVER!  The original Naked palette and he Naked Basics palette are also great for in a hurry makeup because there are a variety of options.  You get 12 colors so you have many options depending on how you are feeling that day. My favorite in this palette is Half Baked which is a perfect gold shimmer shade.  I also use my finger for this.  It seems to work better and it is also quicker.
3.Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer:
This is perfect for concealer and for an eye shadow base.  It does not crease at all so it last through the day.
4. Nars Orgasm Blush:
This blush is a pnky peach color with a little shimmer.  I love it because it goes on smooth and it is very easy to blend.  It goes with most eye shadows so it is a go to blush.
5. Mascara:
I honestly do not care what kind of mascara I use.  I am not picky at all but this is Revlon's Rocket Mascara.  I always keep mascara in my makeup bag that I keep in my purse in case I don't have enough time to put it on, I can d it quickly at work.
6. Mac MSF in Give Me Sun:
This is the perfect bronzer to give your skin a glow.  It is easy to blend and you only need a little bit for a glow. 
7. Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette:
This brow wiz as a spooly at the end and makes it super easy to fill in your brows quickly.  And if you apply too much or need to blend the color out a bit, you can just use the spooly and it's all good!
That is all!  I would not be surpised if you have heard of one or all of these products but they really are amazing and make application super easy and quick!  Until next time....



Monday, August 19, 2013

Chicken Teriyaki Stir-Fry

Chicken stir-fry is definitely a go-to meal that is cheap and easy.  Not only is it easy to prepare, most of the ingredients are foods that you likely have in your fridge.  I serve it with rice (the microwave kind) and ramen noodle without the seasoning.  The recipe is below!

-lb. of boneless chicken
-Kikkoman Teriyaki Baste & Glaze (16  oz)
-red pepper
-rice and/or noodles

1.) Cut up all the veggies and chicken into bite size pieces.
2.) Turn the stove onto medium-high heat and add chicken, broccoli, carrots, red peppers, and half of the sauce.
3.) Cook until veggies are tender and chicken is done.
4.) Put over rice and/or noodles and Voila! 
5.) Dig in!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Nominated for a Blog Award!? What?!

Beautiful Felicia Rivera from fefeChristine nominated me for a Liebster Award and I this seriously made my day!!!  It makes my day for someone to just read my blog so this is super duper exciting!  I am really new to blogging but from what I understand, this award helps small blogs.  I will share 10 random facts about myself, answer 10 questions from Felicia, and nominate others for this award.

Ten Random Facts
1.) I have never owned any perfume and do not like to wear any.
2.) My guilty pleasure is reality T.V.!  I have no drama in my life so I gotta get it somewhere! 
3.) I am obsessed with watching beauty vloggers on Youtube.
4.) I got a Chinese symbol tattoo when I was 16 that was supposed to mean sincere but was told it means rich!  Maybe that is a sign I'll be rich one day!
5.) I hate a weird obsession with picking hairs.  Yes, it is very odd and kind of disgusting!
6.) My favorite trait about myself is the fact that I can see the good in everyone (unless you're  a serial killer or something horrendous like that!).  Everybody is different and I can always find a good quality in each and every person I meet.
7.) If I won the lottery tomorrow, the first thing I would do is start popping out kids like it was going out of style!  
8.) I wish Chloe's dad and I were married before we had Chloe so I wouldn't have to call him my baby daddy! 
9.) I am pretty sure I have aichmophobia which is a fear of sharp objects and corners.  I feel like such a weirdo but I cannot look at a sharp edge or object without wincing or feeling extremely uncomfortable.
10.) When I was younger, my best friend and I would play Jerry Springer with our barbies!

Ten Questions from fefeChristine

1.) Who are your top three favorite bloggers?
I love Little Baby Garvin, Andee Layne, and The Simple Swan.  I am sure you have heard of them but they are all mommy blogs but they post a lot about beauty also which I love.

2.) What is your favorite aspect of blogging/having a blog?
I love that it feels like a community and you have other people you can relate to.  Being able to save all my memories of being a new mother is also something I love about blogging. This is something I will have forever and be able to show Chloe when she gets older.

3.) What would your advice be to someone starting a blog?
For the longest time, I wanted to start a blog and never did.  Now that I have started it, I wish I would have done it a long time ago!  So, I would say just go for it if you have any desire to do it and if you don't like it, delete it!

 4.) What do you appreciate most in a typical day?
The time I get to spend with my daughter and my boyfriend.  Being at work 40 hours a week really makes me cherish the time I have with them.

5.) What motivates you as a blogger?
The fact that I am able to document my life as a mother and my daughters life growing up.  It is therapeutic and there are so many other people in this blogosphere I can relate to and learn from.  Being a mother is something I am so sure of but also so unsure of so, being able to see that there are other mothers experiencing the same thing makes me feel less discouraged.
6.) Who inspires you?
My daughter of course because she motivates me to do everything I do.  My mother and her twin Emogene have had the most effect on me in my life.  They are who I aspire to be and if I could be half of the woman they are, I will be happy!  Their life was definitely not a walk in the park but still became amazing woman and they are a great examples of what a person should be. Oh yea and Oprah but I think she inspires everyone!
7.) What are three must haves that can always be found in your purse?
One must is my wallet of course.  The second must is chap stick.  I might be the only person on this planet that can actually finish a whole thing of chap stick.  And the last is my makeup bag. 
8.) What is your favorite midnight snack?
I don't usually snack at midnight but I love chips and dips like French onion dip and spinach artichoke dip.
9.) What is one thing on your bucket list/goal list?
I want to be able to take my daughter to Disney Land.
10.) What is your current favorite book or latest read?
I have not read a book in a while because of school but the last books I read were The Fifty Shades of Grey books.  They are def risky but the love story is what I loved about it the most.  Other recent reads are 90 Minutes in Heaven and A Stolen Life.  I would recommend each and every one of them!
Who I Nominate:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Sunday Photo Shoot

On Sunday, Eric had to go do some work so Chloe and  I got to have some Mommy/Daughter time together!  Just like any other day, I got a little photo happy and we had a little photo session.  I am warning you now, this post contains a crap load of pictures...
Happy Baby!

Lazy eye much!?

Loving on my baby, even though it looks like I am smelling her!

Cute baby gelly shoes with cute baby feet

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Guest Post: Making it Through Beautifully

I recently had to pleasure of meeting a woman named Heather through this blog world (virtually of course!) and she shared her story with me which I found to be very inspiring.  She battled pleural mesothelioma shortly after her daughter was born and is now bringing awareness and helping others by sharing her story.  Her story is below but check out also for more information about Heather and mesothelioma!
Making It Through Beautifully

The very first moment I laid eyes on my newborn baby, Lily, I felt that I was the luckiest mom in the world. I was so ready to be a mom that when I finally got pregnant nothing was going to take me by surprise. I read all the right books, ate the right foods and visited my doctors regularly. Like most mothers-to-be it was a very exciting time as I planned out how my life would revolve around our new baby. When Lily finally was born, motherhood was everything I expected and more.

However, everything changed when three months later I was devastated to learn that I had pleural mesothelioma. Nothing prepared me for the day I found out that I had cancer, nor the mesothelioma prognosis that I could possibly have only 15 months to live if I did not seek treatment immediately. I solemnly vowed I would do whatever it took to be there to raise my daughter.

I began the fight of my life, missing an entire month of Lily’s life. Cam and I had decided on a treatment in Boston where they removed my left lung, and the lining of my heart and diaphragm. The remainder of my treatment lasted the rest of Lily’s first year. My parents lovingly took Lily in so that her life wouldn’t become as disjointed as mine had.

Once home, and due to a loyal husband and a network of people who helped, Lily and I began to play catch up on time together. I cherished every minute we had to play outdoors, take walks, have play dates and visit the park. I wanted her to know how much I loved her and how lucky I felt to have her.

Not much has changed in the eight years since Lily was born. My husband Cam and I still love her more every single day knowing we are blessed to have such a beautiful, bright and optimistic daughter. Although she doesn’t remember much from her first year, she knows we are grateful for her and she understands the value of life and she knows what we went through as a family.

Facing mesothelioma cancer was terrifying, but there was actually a lot of good that came from the bad. It was a time no one knew what to expect, but we all did the best that we could. Somehow we all came out happy and together on the other side. Our family is closer than ever and we take nothing for granted. The reason I share my story is so that others going through something similar may know that they are not alone and that it is possible to make it through beautifully.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Deals of the Week

I went to Hobby Lobby today and I forgot how much I loved that place!   I got some great deals on some home décor and satisfied my need for a good deal!  I also got a few picture frames from Jo Ann's and a picture from Kohl's a few weeks ago I wanted to share. 
All of this was around $36 together!!! Yes, believe it!
This is everything I got from Hobby Lobby.  The mirrored wall décor that says, "Laugh" as 50% off and ended up being $10!  It is probably my favorite thing I got.  I got the candle for $5 and was also 50% off.  The Paris canvas was on clearance and marked down from $36 to $6!!!!  The "C" letter I got was not on sale but was only $4 so, it was a steal also!
I got the three top picture frames from Jo Ann's for $1.99 each.  The picture with the key on it is from Kohl's.  It was marked from 70% and was $1.99 also!  Now, those are some deals! 
If you don't usually shop at craft stores, you need to start!  They always have sales on home décor,  holiday, and seasonal items.  And if you give your information for their mailing list, you get tons of coupons in the mail!  So, that concludes this post!!!  Thanks for reading and I hope this inspired you to go get ya some deals!

Friday, August 9, 2013

New Bedroom Set and Set up!!!!

About a month ago, we got  new bedroom set from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  I moved into my boyfriend's house when we found out we were pregnant and I gave my bedroom set to my mother because he already had some.  He had a California king which was amazing to sleep on but soooo big, took up so much room, and was old fashion.  I wanted something more up-to-date and to be honest, I felt like it would feel more like my home also.  When you move into someone's home and you are surrounded by all of their things, it takes a minute to feel like it is your home also.  Eric has ALWAYS made me feel welcome and told me this is my home too but I just feel like I am the woman and I need to make sure our space is decorated and homey! 
This is our bed obviously with little Chloe playing with her toys on it.  The bedroom set is from Nebraska Furniture Mart along with the mattresses.  Who knew mattresses were so freaking expensive and you are supposed to buy a new one every seven years!?  We kept Eric's comforter and pillows and just added decorative pillows.  We got the little circle mirrors at Kohls for 70% off!  Woohoo!  The curtains are from TJ Maxx which could easily be my favorite new item we bought.
Here is our dresser!  Sorry about the plastic bag which I should have moved!  The mirror is a pretty good size and I love that it has so many drawers because one thing we will always need is extra room and storage!

On the dresser, we have a mirrored jewelry box from Target and a little mini one from TJ Maxx.  Remember when I said the curtains were my favorite new item, I lied...this is!  I was going to buy a mirrored armoire from Nebraska Furniture Mart but they were out of stock and then I just could not bring myself to spend the $300 for it after that! We also have a tea light candle stand from Hobby Lobby and then three pictures and the frames are from Gordman's and a cheap one from Wal-Mart.
We did get a T.V too!  They did not have the regular one so we had to get the 3D one which is pretty awesome but I don't see myself actually buying 3D movie unless they are for Chloe when she gets older and can actually keep the glasses on!  It is a smart T.V. too which is AWESOME because I love me some Youtube Makeup videos!

I got these black box decorations and the light from Wal-Mart.  You would not think you could find  good decorating buys from Wal-Mart but they have some really great stuff!  The frame is above our bed which is from Kohl's on sale of course and the Family sign is from Gordman's.  I feel like the wall with the frame is missing something!  I was thinking about adding something maybe a picture frame collage to each side?  I don't know but I am definitely not done with it!
So that is our room!  I know I am showing a big part of my life but I am proud of it and I wanted to share!  It is still a work in progress and there are some thing I might change but so far, I am happy with it!  I will end with some pictures we captured on what was supposed to be our room photo shoot...