Monday, August 26, 2013

I have a CRAWLING baby...

Yes, my baby can crawl...WTF!  I am such a proud momma right now! We were working with her all day trying to get baby girl to crawl.  Of course I was in the shower and Eric yells, "The baby's crawling!"  I just out all wet to see my baby crawl and nothing!!! I sat there in my towel just waiting with camera in hand! Then later on, Eric yells to me again to come see her crawl!  I am so glad she is a Daddy's girl buy come on!  Momma wants to see it too!  I waited and waited!  I put out toys, Eric's phone, my laptop, etc so she would hopefully crawl to get it. Finally, I put her nose sucker across from her and she crawled!  It was only for two seconds but she did it and I was so happy!  I know it will take her a while to get it down and be crawling on a regular basis but it is still such a monumental moment and I am just overwhelmed with emotions because of it!  Not only am I excited, I am scared too!  I am already an overprotective momma so I will be super paranoid now!  But that is just apart of growing and I cannot deny her growth because my own emotions!  I think I will close it with the video I worked so hard to get....Thanks for reading!


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