Friday, August 9, 2013

New Bedroom Set and Set up!!!!

About a month ago, we got  new bedroom set from Nebraska Furniture Mart.  I moved into my boyfriend's house when we found out we were pregnant and I gave my bedroom set to my mother because he already had some.  He had a California king which was amazing to sleep on but soooo big, took up so much room, and was old fashion.  I wanted something more up-to-date and to be honest, I felt like it would feel more like my home also.  When you move into someone's home and you are surrounded by all of their things, it takes a minute to feel like it is your home also.  Eric has ALWAYS made me feel welcome and told me this is my home too but I just feel like I am the woman and I need to make sure our space is decorated and homey! 
This is our bed obviously with little Chloe playing with her toys on it.  The bedroom set is from Nebraska Furniture Mart along with the mattresses.  Who knew mattresses were so freaking expensive and you are supposed to buy a new one every seven years!?  We kept Eric's comforter and pillows and just added decorative pillows.  We got the little circle mirrors at Kohls for 70% off!  Woohoo!  The curtains are from TJ Maxx which could easily be my favorite new item we bought.
Here is our dresser!  Sorry about the plastic bag which I should have moved!  The mirror is a pretty good size and I love that it has so many drawers because one thing we will always need is extra room and storage!

On the dresser, we have a mirrored jewelry box from Target and a little mini one from TJ Maxx.  Remember when I said the curtains were my favorite new item, I lied...this is!  I was going to buy a mirrored armoire from Nebraska Furniture Mart but they were out of stock and then I just could not bring myself to spend the $300 for it after that! We also have a tea light candle stand from Hobby Lobby and then three pictures and the frames are from Gordman's and a cheap one from Wal-Mart.
We did get a T.V too!  They did not have the regular one so we had to get the 3D one which is pretty awesome but I don't see myself actually buying 3D movie unless they are for Chloe when she gets older and can actually keep the glasses on!  It is a smart T.V. too which is AWESOME because I love me some Youtube Makeup videos!

I got these black box decorations and the light from Wal-Mart.  You would not think you could find  good decorating buys from Wal-Mart but they have some really great stuff!  The frame is above our bed which is from Kohl's on sale of course and the Family sign is from Gordman's.  I feel like the wall with the frame is missing something!  I was thinking about adding something maybe a picture frame collage to each side?  I don't know but I am definitely not done with it!
So that is our room!  I know I am showing a big part of my life but I am proud of it and I wanted to share!  It is still a work in progress and there are some thing I might change but so far, I am happy with it!  I will end with some pictures we captured on what was supposed to be our room photo shoot...


  1. Hi Kasey!
    I stumbled upon your blog and absolutely love it!
    Your decorations are super cute & I cant believe theyre from walmart! Your baby is precious!
    Im super new to blogging, & would just love it if you had time to check out my blog!

    Follow me on google/bloglovin & ill follow you back!!
    Best Wishes,

    1. Thank you Jeanie! Yea, I was surprised that they have such nice home decor! I am also super new to blogging too! Checked out ypur blog and I love it! I don't have bloglovin but I followed you on google!

  2. I love the decor and your bedroom set! I , too, love watching Youtube makeup videos. I also like watching the mommy vloggers on there. Not sure if you're into all of that or not. But between Youtube and bloggers I stay busy keeping up lol

  3. Thanks girl! It keeps me busy too, I cannot stay away from Youtube! Lol I have never heard of mommy vloggers, I need to check it out asap, like right after I post this comment! Thanks for telling me about it!