Monday, September 30, 2013

Our Weekend

Despite having a baby with a cold, we had a pretty good weekend.  It was busy as usual with two birthdays in the family, there was a lot of celebration.  On Friday, we did our usual which means play time and sleep.  Then on Saturday, we went to my nieces's birthday party which was Monster High theme.  I remember when my sister gave birth to my niece Adrianna and I have always had a bond with her and I have loved her like she was my own.  She is smart, funny, beautiful, and more and I always tell my sister she is lucky to have a daughter like her. Here are some pics...
 Adrianna's party friends!
 Already rolling her eyes at Mama!

The birthday girl!  Can't believe she is six years old!
Eric's eyes look blue in this pic!
 Chloe riding her cousin Ayana's bike.

On Sunday, we went to Eric's sister Nena's and we celebrated Eric's Dad's birthday.  We had tacos and they were amazing.  Eric's family makes taco filling with mashed potatoes, cheese and taco meat and they are soooooo freaking good.  I should get the recipe soon and share it!  So, that was our weekend.... I had to stay home today because Chloe's cold and terrible cough so we kind of had a four day weekend.  I am not looking forward to going to work tomorrow but I will be one day closer to the weekend!   Enjoy your week!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

A four year old freaking cute!

Ok, so my boyfriend showed me this video on YouTube because Chloe was making these cute noises and he said she sounded like this kid...  It is sooooo cute and the little boy sounds like he is really rapping and playing this little piano.  I just had to share this....

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our Weekend in a Shit Ton of Pics

This past weekend was a fun one f course because there was no work and tons of family time! We went to sporting events for the kiddos in both our families and enjoyed some colder weather (finally!)  So, here is a crap load of pictures I took which is nothing unusual...
Lets start with this little cutie.  On Saturday, we went to my cousins football game, Eric's nephews soccer game, and brought my mom and her twin (my aunt of course) dinner for their birthday!  We have been going to lots of games due to my neices and cousins being in sports and Eric's nephews being in sports also.  And like every year, I try to do my best to make my mother and aunt feel special because they are seriously my two favorite people ever besides my little family.  They have come from a childhood I would not wish on my worst enemy and  have somehow made it through and became AH-MAZING women.  Seriously, they are a rare breed and if you know any twins, you know they have a bond that is unbreakable.  Here are more pics from Saturday...
 The three amigos Adrianna (my neice), Amaya, and Aaliyah (my cousins).   These beauties are the cutest and funniest little girls.  It is so funny to watch them interact.  They spent the night a few weekends ago and it was a show that I did not even have to turn the tv on for.
My cute little family at the football game.
 I love Chloe's face in this picture!
 The twins, my two cousins Kim and Shana, and I.  The Sutgrey women minus my sister.  

At Roman's soccer game, Chloe looks so happy!

I didn't take many pics on Sunday.  We just hung out, played dress-up, and did chores.  Chloe and i took a walk and a two hour nap together so we had some Mommy/daughter time!
 Her Kajal outfit her Aunt Nena bought her!

  It is getting harder and harder to dress, bathe, change, etc. Chloe now because all she wants to do is move! It is so frustrating but also so cute as you can see above!

   So, that was our weekend!  I am on a quest to lose the rest of my baby weight and wanted to see of any fellow bloggers had any advice... If so, I would love to hear what works for you!  Thanks and have a great week!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Post: Ideas for Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations

I started decorating our house for Halloween this past weekend.  I went to the Dollar Tree and the craft store and got some stuff to do some quick and easy decorations.  I got some scrapbook paper and some spider cutouts and put them in some Dollar Tree frames.  I also got some fake flowers, spider rings, and a vase from th Dollar Tree and glued the spiders on top the flowers.  Last, I go some fake eyeballs and put them in a little vase.  I wanted to post these little projects because they were so easy and cheap and are perfect for people on a budget!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Our Weekend in Pictures

I know I am a bit late but better late than never!  Our weekend was great other than the usual flying by way too fast.  We got to spend time together as a family, got to see both sides of our family, and I did some Halloween decorating!

On Friday, we ran some errands and then just hung around the house.  And once Chloe fell asleep, we caught up on some Breaking Bad.  And then Saturday, we went to my niece and cousin's game.  Below is my niece Adrianna and Amaya. Aren't they the cutest?!  MY other cousin Aliyah is too old for pictures at the ripe old age of seven apparently.  I love going to their games because I adore these girls but my sister and I used to cheer for them when we were kids and one day, I want Chloe to if she likes it of course.  I got to see my sister and I was happy about that since hardly ever see her now.

Then we went to have breakfast and Chloe got to see in high chair for the first time at a restaurant!  She was being such a ham and I got the cutest pic of her!
We went home, Chloe took a nap and then we had some ribs (youcan find the recipe here).
On Sunday, we went to Chloe's grandpa's on her Dad's side to watch the Chiefs game and to see his side of the family.  Eric got to hang out with her cousins and they really enjoyed seeing her so it was a good day!

I know that was a lot of pics, I just cannot help myself!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Deals of the Week

I got Chloe and I a few things this weekend that were super cheap and I wanted to share.   I got Chloe a few outfits because the temperature has FINALLY been dropping a little and I realized all the fall/winter clothes she has are 12 months and she is 8 months.  I love shopping for her so we has a blast!  I also stopped by JoAnn's Craft Store and got some great deals on jewelry and I got a shirt from Old Navy that was 50% so you cannot beat that!
 The first three outfits are some Burlington Coat Factory.  I love this place!  They have the cutest baby clothes for so cheap.  The first two outfits were $7 each and then the third outfit was actually seperates I just matched up that were $4 a piece.  The last outfit was from Crazy 8 and was $5 for the entire outfit!!!! The shirt was $1.99 and the bottoms were $2.99! 
I absolutely love this shirt for two reason:  I love baseball tees and it has silver glitter!  It was regularly $20 but was on sale for $10.  They also have black with silver glitter but this one just caught my attention.  And a tip for shopping at Old Navy:  ALWAYS make sure everything rings up correctly!  I cannot tell you how many times I have got to the register and not have items ring up for their sale price.  They can't catch this cheapskate slipping!  Now, on to the biggest deals of the week....  I got two necklaces and two rings for $9!  Yes, you read that right, $9!  They are great pieces too.  Here is a better pic...
I don't know who else sells Blue Moon Jewelry but they always have it on sale at JoAnn's Craft Store and when they come out with the next season's line, they previous season goes on clearance for 75% off.  I got the two necklaces for about $3 each and the rings were around  $1.50 each.  They had way more and I would have got more if I knew they would have rang up so cheap!  They have a lot more statement necklaces so if you love them like me and live near a JoAnn's, check them out!  And that is all folks!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What we are Loving Right Now

I wanted to share what we are loving for Chloe and myself right now.  When I usually do a monthly favorite posts, it is of course what Mama and mini are loving but even the items I post about that are for Chloe are really what I love because it makes life easier for me as a mom.  But this month, Chloe actually does love some of these items even though she cannot exactly tell me she loves them! She is developing more of a personality and is more aware so it is pretty exciting when I can tell she is consistently enjoying something on a regular basis.  And of course I included some Mommy faves as well!

Gummy Bear Song:

Ok, so every kid that I have seen watch this song on YouTube is obsessed and my little eight month baby is no exception!   When Eric is gone and I need to wash bottles or get something done, I will put Chloe is her bouncy chair and turn this on YouTube and since we have a smart T.V., I just put it on the T.V screen.  They have it in English, Spanish, and many other languages so, it will just play each version one after another and Chloe just loves it! 

Gerber Snacks & "People Food":
One thing I have bee obsessing over the last couple months is getting Chloe to eat ANYTHING other than milk.  My mom always did the cereal and added baby food to the bottle which we did for a while on a regular basis.   I come to my mom for everything and to me what she says is what is best but when it came to this aspect, I followed Chloe's pediatricians advice to only spoon feed.  I only breast fed for a week so I pretty much obsess over what Chloe eats because I feel terrible for not being able to give her what I believe is best and I want to make up for it.  So, when the pediatrician gave the okay to start baby food and solids, I felt great about being able to give her fruit and veggies but to my surprise, she did NOT like the spoon and was not pleased by the food  let her try.  So, I have been searching online, calling the pediatrician office, and trying any food I can think of that she would hopefully like.  Every day, I felt like  a failure each time Chloe only ate a bite or two of baby food or any other "people food" I gave her.  I tried mixing cereal, baby food, and formula in all kinds of ways and I tried  every veggie I could think of with no success.  But one day, I just got so mentally tired and  I just told myself I would still try but I would not put pressure on Chloe or myself for her first year on this earth.  After that , it has been a lot easier since I am not expecting anything.  She likes Gerber Yogurt bites, Puffs, Chicken Noodle soup, and mixed veggies.  I am introducing new foods weekly and I am certain she will eventually enjoy and prefer these foods over her milk! 
Just For MeDetangler: 
This stuff has been a lifesaver this month!  Chloe has curly hair like her Momma and it is super tangley already.  This Just For Me Detangler is for kids and it has worked great. I just sprayed a few spritzes to the back and side where it is tangled and it is easy to comb out. 
Orange is the New Black ABook:
You may have heard about this T.V. series  that is on Netflix but it came from a memoir by Piper Kerman.  She went to jail for drug money related charges but she is not someone who you would think would be in jail and she tells her story of this experience.  I would highly recommend this book. 
Breaking Bad:
I remember seeing this on after Walking Dead and paying no mind to it but since everyone has been talking about it since the last season is on, I decided to start from season one on Netflix and see what it was all about and I freaking love it!  I love all of the characters and I know once I catch up and get to the last episode, I will want more! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

Eight Month Update

Chloe turned 8 months old on July 31st and it was a month full of new milestones.  The first and most exciting milestone I want to share is the fact that my little nugget is crawling!  It is crazy how she was just trying to figure out how to crawl and now she is a pro at it!  I love that she can move around but I cannot leave my eyes off this girl for a second! And taking her monthly picture is definitely getting more and more tricky!  The one above is the best I could...
Major Milestones:
-Crawling, of course!
-Trying to pull up and stand
-Eating a lot more foods
-Saying Mama & Dada (Even though I know she has no clue what it means yet)
-Picking up food & putting it in her mouth
-She is a pro at holding her bottle now
Mommy Fail of the Month:
Wiping Chloe's mouth with the Velcro side of the bib and leaving a mark on her upper lip...
What we are working on:
-Pulling up
-Sleeping in her crib (Maybe...)
Some of my favorite moments this month:
Her first fair, Santa  Cali-Gon Days.
Eating some cereal and yogurt bites. 
Playing with her toys

 She makes the cutest faces!
 At one of her first birthday parties.

My Dad and his grandbaby!  Love this picture!
Watching football with Daddy.
Thanks for reading!  Until next time...