Monday, September 9, 2013

Eight Month Update

Chloe turned 8 months old on July 31st and it was a month full of new milestones.  The first and most exciting milestone I want to share is the fact that my little nugget is crawling!  It is crazy how she was just trying to figure out how to crawl and now she is a pro at it!  I love that she can move around but I cannot leave my eyes off this girl for a second! And taking her monthly picture is definitely getting more and more tricky!  The one above is the best I could...
Major Milestones:
-Crawling, of course!
-Trying to pull up and stand
-Eating a lot more foods
-Saying Mama & Dada (Even though I know she has no clue what it means yet)
-Picking up food & putting it in her mouth
-She is a pro at holding her bottle now
Mommy Fail of the Month:
Wiping Chloe's mouth with the Velcro side of the bib and leaving a mark on her upper lip...
What we are working on:
-Pulling up
-Sleeping in her crib (Maybe...)
Some of my favorite moments this month:
Her first fair, Santa  Cali-Gon Days.
Eating some cereal and yogurt bites. 
Playing with her toys

 She makes the cutest faces!
 At one of her first birthday parties.

My Dad and his grandbaby!  Love this picture!
Watching football with Daddy.
Thanks for reading!  Until next time...


  1. She is so precious! My little girl is about to turn eight months tomorrow. Why is time flying by so fast!

    1. Thanks Sarah! I know, time seriously flies by! I love watching her grow but geeze!

  2. Go baby girl! Isn't watching her crawl so much fun!? Her hair is fabulous :)

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