Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quick Post: Ideas for Cheap DIY Halloween Decorations

I started decorating our house for Halloween this past weekend.  I went to the Dollar Tree and the craft store and got some stuff to do some quick and easy decorations.  I got some scrapbook paper and some spider cutouts and put them in some Dollar Tree frames.  I also got some fake flowers, spider rings, and a vase from th Dollar Tree and glued the spiders on top the flowers.  Last, I go some fake eyeballs and put them in a little vase.  I wanted to post these little projects because they were so easy and cheap and are perfect for people on a budget!


  1. I finally put my fall wreath on my door...but that's about the extent of my decorating so far! I have seen so much cute stuff though!

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  3. Aww so cute, I love Halloween decorations!!!


  4. I love your Halloween display! Great deal on the frames. Dollar Tree is such a great source. I found plates very similar to a set I'd had my eye on at Pottery Barn.

    1. Thanks Brandi! That is awesome, the Dollar Tree is amazing!

  5. I love Dollar Tree-- I collect their solar power "toys". Have you checked Pinterest for ideas? We don't decorate much because we are in a studio condo (for now) but once we get a house.. it's on!!