Thursday, September 12, 2013

What we are Loving Right Now

I wanted to share what we are loving for Chloe and myself right now.  When I usually do a monthly favorite posts, it is of course what Mama and mini are loving but even the items I post about that are for Chloe are really what I love because it makes life easier for me as a mom.  But this month, Chloe actually does love some of these items even though she cannot exactly tell me she loves them! She is developing more of a personality and is more aware so it is pretty exciting when I can tell she is consistently enjoying something on a regular basis.  And of course I included some Mommy faves as well!

Gummy Bear Song:

Ok, so every kid that I have seen watch this song on YouTube is obsessed and my little eight month baby is no exception!   When Eric is gone and I need to wash bottles or get something done, I will put Chloe is her bouncy chair and turn this on YouTube and since we have a smart T.V., I just put it on the T.V screen.  They have it in English, Spanish, and many other languages so, it will just play each version one after another and Chloe just loves it! 

Gerber Snacks & "People Food":
One thing I have bee obsessing over the last couple months is getting Chloe to eat ANYTHING other than milk.  My mom always did the cereal and added baby food to the bottle which we did for a while on a regular basis.   I come to my mom for everything and to me what she says is what is best but when it came to this aspect, I followed Chloe's pediatricians advice to only spoon feed.  I only breast fed for a week so I pretty much obsess over what Chloe eats because I feel terrible for not being able to give her what I believe is best and I want to make up for it.  So, when the pediatrician gave the okay to start baby food and solids, I felt great about being able to give her fruit and veggies but to my surprise, she did NOT like the spoon and was not pleased by the food  let her try.  So, I have been searching online, calling the pediatrician office, and trying any food I can think of that she would hopefully like.  Every day, I felt like  a failure each time Chloe only ate a bite or two of baby food or any other "people food" I gave her.  I tried mixing cereal, baby food, and formula in all kinds of ways and I tried  every veggie I could think of with no success.  But one day, I just got so mentally tired and  I just told myself I would still try but I would not put pressure on Chloe or myself for her first year on this earth.  After that , it has been a lot easier since I am not expecting anything.  She likes Gerber Yogurt bites, Puffs, Chicken Noodle soup, and mixed veggies.  I am introducing new foods weekly and I am certain she will eventually enjoy and prefer these foods over her milk! 
Just For MeDetangler: 
This stuff has been a lifesaver this month!  Chloe has curly hair like her Momma and it is super tangley already.  This Just For Me Detangler is for kids and it has worked great. I just sprayed a few spritzes to the back and side where it is tangled and it is easy to comb out. 
Orange is the New Black ABook:
You may have heard about this T.V. series  that is on Netflix but it came from a memoir by Piper Kerman.  She went to jail for drug money related charges but she is not someone who you would think would be in jail and she tells her story of this experience.  I would highly recommend this book. 
Breaking Bad:
I remember seeing this on after Walking Dead and paying no mind to it but since everyone has been talking about it since the last season is on, I decided to start from season one on Netflix and see what it was all about and I freaking love it!  I love all of the characters and I know once I catch up and get to the last episode, I will want more! 


  1. I didn't know that Orange Is The New Black was a book! Good to know!
    PS. Did you know that you are a 'no-reply commentor'? If you change that you will get more responses from bloggers. There are tutorials out there to help you too ;)

    1. Yea, I just found out too from another and went and got it asap! And thanks sooooo much! I am still trying to figure out this blogging stuff so I really appreciate it! Fixing this tonight!

  2. Ooh and you have word verification on. That is a good thing to get rid of too!

  3. My kids introduced me to the "Gummy Bear" song and boy..that sucker gets stuck in your head!! Can't say it's one of my favorites..maybe it's because i've heard it 2 million times!!

    Ahhh..the joys of having kids....(sigh)

    1. YOu are so right! It does get stuck in your head whether you want it to or not!

  4. Don't get discouraged if Chloe doesn't like something the first time you try something.. try, try again. Especially if you mix it with cereal. What a baby may hate one day, they may learn to love! :)