Sunday, October 6, 2013

What's in my Bag?

I love looking What's in my Bag blog posts and YouTube videos so I thought I would do one!  I don't know what it is about me wanting to see what is in other's purses (maybe I am a little bit nosy!) but I love it!
I got this Coach bag for Mother's Day from my boyfriend aka baby daddy (hate that term) and I am in love with it because I love Coach purses but never brought myself to buy one.  It goes with almost everything and fits everything I need and don't need!  So, here is a list of what is in my bag....

1.) Notebook: I have to have a notebook at all times because I have what I call a mommy brain and if I do not write it down, I will forget.  I have a million and one lists in here from Chloe's first birthday ideas to grocery store lists. 
2.)Tampons: A staple for every woman!
3.)Tablet: I love this thing!  I bought it for $70 about two to three years ago refurbished and I did not know it would last this long!  I am not \one who needs the most up to date electronics so as long as this thing is working, it is staying in my purse!
4.) Wallet: This is from Charming Charlie's for $5!
5.) Makeup Bag: This is a must also!  I am usually running late for work and makeup takes a back seat so I end up doing my makeup at work a lot of the times.  
6.) Leopard pouch:  I use this for headphones and charges for my tablet and phone because I often forget to charge both!
7.)Eos balm, ponytail holder, picture of Chloe, Vitamins and Ibuprofen, Kleenex, Q tips, and more randomness
8.)  Mini Bible
Chloe playing with mascara and lip balm!  Good picks, Chloe!
This is a what it looks like when you take what's in my bag pictures with a baby!  I have a a crap load of other stuff that I do not need in my different pouches in my purse but this is what happened when i tried to take pictures of it!


  1. I love these posts. I always have the weirdest, most random stuff in my bag! And always, always with the lip balm :) Your daughter is so darling!

  2. Love these handbag posts too! Fun to see what others carry...and yes I too carry a notebook where ever I go because of that wonderful mommy brain!

  3. I love seeing what is in bloggers handbags.