Friday, November 29, 2013

Our Turkey Day

This was Chloe's first Thanksgiving and with it being a first, I was super excited!  Chloe did not get her regular nap and I think she has  a tooth coming in so it was not as I imagined but that is okay because I have learned to expect that!  Eric's family came to our house around 12 and we ate around 2 pm and then we went to my mom's around 4 pm and ate again!  My cousin paid someone to deep fry our turkey and it was DELICIOUS!  Best turkey I ever had!  The food was amazing at both houses but being with family was the best part.  Of course the thing I am most thankful for is Chloe but I am also thankful my daughter has two families that adore her!  Here are the pictues from Chloe's first Thanksgiving...

 Chloe and her cousins Lincoln and Roman.
Chloe and Lincoln... Love his little tie!
My little turkey
My first thanksgiving meal!
 This is the only pic we got as a family. I wish we got more but I am glad we got at least one!

 Chloe and her Aunt Nicole who she absolutely loves!
 My Aunt Emogene who is my mother's twin.  It is so weird that Chloe knows who her Grandma is and who her Aunt Emogene is since they are twins.  It is pretty amazing!
My beauty of  a neice Adrianna.  I could not get a pic of my other neice Ayana because she cannot sit still.
The Sutgrey women minus my cousin Kim...
 Corey, my first little baby cousin!!! Love him!
This is my Dad and My sister!

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