Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ten Month Update

So, over a course of two days and what seemed like a million and one shots, we got this picture for Chloe's ten month picture...
Here are a few of our other attempts...

As you can see, she is a busy body and is keeping her momma and daddy busy as well!  I can only imagine the hell she is going to raise when she starts walking.  I honestly wouldn't have it any other way though.  It was an amazing month watching Chloe develop more and more of a personality and watch her learn new things.  She is a Daddy's girl to the fullest because they play hard together and she just adores him!  Chloe knows what the word no means but she still  does whatever she wants.  She will look at me or Eric before she decides to do something she is not supposed to do just to see if we are watching.  Or she will be crawling somewhere she is not supposed to and will look at me and then crawl really fast.  I cannot help but think this is so cute but I am still working with her on this and will continue.  

New Milestones:
-Dancing:  This is by far my favorite milestone this month!  It is so amazing to see my child actually learn what you do to music.  She has been around music from the day she was born.  From her momma listening to R & B to her Daddy's loud rap music, she has always been exposed to it and loves it so it is fun to see her expressing herself that way!
-Walking with support: Chloe has not started walking yet but when she has support, she takes steps and I think she is close to standing by herself.
-Waving  bye: The backward baby wave is in full effect.  I have been around a lot of babies and have always thought it was so cute how babies wave backwards so I was super excited to see Chloe learn this.
-Taking any article of clothing off that she can!  I have learned that socks and shoes go on last when we are about to leave.  And they still end up coming off!
-Eating better: It has been a struggle to get Chloe to eat table food but with some trial and error, I have found what she likes and she has been warming up to foods slowly but surely.  she likes pancakes, pasta, baked potatoes, and  a lot more.  And we cannot forget mum mums!  They are rice crackers and Chloe just loves them!

Monthly Fails:
Chloe got sick on her first Halloween!  I had been so stressed about what Chloe was going to be for Halloween and spent a lot of time on planning our costumes and it was all for nothing!  We took her to the pediatrician and learned she had a virus and we stayed in for the night.  I felt so bad for her but she took it like a champ, better than I would have taken it!

Chloe also had a terrible diaper rash and I wanted to get some prescription strength diaper rash ointment so we took her to the pediatrician.  It was a late appointment so we got the newest pediatrician which we had before and I personally did not like him.  My boyfriend has asked him about a rash Chloe has and he replied that it was the case of being a new parent or something to that effect.  That rubbed me the wrong way because any concern we have whether they think it is silly or not, it is a concern and should be paid attention to.  So, not only does he call the prescription into a pharmacy that does not carry this certain type of prescription, he does this when the pediatrician office closes.  We ended up having to wait until the next day around three in the afternoon.  I was so heated about this and I will never have my child see him again.

This post is getting to be pretty long so I will end with some pictures!
 My happy baby!
Chloe with her cousins Amaya, Aaliyah, Ayana, and Adrianna.
 Chloe and her friend.

Going down the slide.  She loved going up the slide more than going down, she is such a rebel!

 Those eyes!
Love this one! Rooting on our UNDEFEATED Cheifs!
Doing what she does best, taking off her shoes!
Wearing her momma's R2D2 hat I made and didn't get to wear! : (

Ok, i have a million more pictures but I will spare you!  Until next next time, thanks for reading!


  1. Her curls kill me!! Try Aloe Vesta protective ointment #3. It is the best think we walked out of the hospital with. They have it on Amazon and it will last you forever! I use it in every diaper change and if they don't use it at daycare and he comes back with some redness, I immediately apply it and it dissapears right the next day!! It's magical lol. We've yet to deal with any diaper rash. ;)

    1. Thanks! And I will def be trying that out, thanks so much for the suggestion!

  2. Oh she is SO cute!! Love her hair!!
    Mia started dancing this past week and it kills me! By far my favorite as well :)

    1. Thank you! How exciting, isn't it the cutest!? Love a dancing baby!

  3. She is so pretty! Such a pretty little girl. Her eyes kill me, and eyelashes!? Don't we all wish for those! I can't believe she is almost walking! That's totally when they start to look like a toddler! She needs to give some pointers to my 14 month old! haha little slow poke! Happy 10 months baby girl! xo