Saturday, December 7, 2013

11 Month Update!

By little booskie is 11 months old and it is so hard to believe she will be a year old on this upcoming New Year's Eve.  This has been the fastest but the best year of my life.  And although it has been fast, I cannot remember life without this precious little girl. She is getting so smart and is doing new things every day.  Even though she is not walking yet, she is developing mentally more, grasping new concepts, and mocking us all the time.  She will take socks and shoes and act like she is putting them on.  Or she will put clothes and put them on her head like she is trying to dress herself.  She took her monitor and put it up to her ear like it was a cell phone!

Weight: around 20 to 22 lbs

Biggest Milestones: She stood for 5 whole seconds!!!  She has been standing on and off for a few days for a couple seconds at a time since.  When she stand I freak out and start clapping and laughing so I think that is why she tries to stand because she loves it!  She is eating so much better. Chloe will eat three meals a day and snacks and sometimes finishes everything!

Favorite Foods: Pickles!  It is the funniest thing how her face lights up when she sees a pickle and do not even try to take one away from her! She also loves peas and pasta.

Best Moment of the Month: I was making her a bottle when I dropped her off at my mom's before work and as I was making it, she said baba!  It was so sweet because she was freaking out because she wanted it so bad and it was so exciting to know she knew what it was.  She has been seeing her Aunt Nicole more and more and she LOVES her so much!  It makes me so happy because I am so close with my neices and love them like my own so I am glad it is the same with my daughter.

We also got rid of her baby tub. I was scared to take it away for some reason but she absolutely loves the room she has now.  When she first took a bath without it, she was so happy and she was moving around all over the tub and splashing.  It was the cutest thing ever and it was so much better than having a crying baby the whole time like usual!
Getting messy eating!

My little chunk!
Chloe riding on her Aunties back with her cousins Adrianna and Ayana.
Thanksgiving with her cousins Lincoln and Roman.


  1. That hair!!! She is such a doll!! I have been out of town so I'm playing catch up with her posts! Um messy eating is what we are all about over her!

    1. Thanks girl! Same here, I don't think it is possible to eat clean with them but I wouldn't have it any other way!