Friday, January 24, 2014


My main purpose for blogging is to document my child's life and to be somewhat of a scrapbook.  As much as I love Chloe, I am very forgetful especially now days having a child and I know I will forget exactly when each milestone happened.  Since I have not been blogging lately, I wanted to make a promise to myself to make sure and blog more so I wanted to do a post on what has been happening lately with my Chloe....

Chloe has not started walking, she has decided to take up talking instead.  Some of the words she says are Momma, Dada, Ow, Hi, Hello, Go, Baba, Uh Oh, etc.  The pediatrician said she talks like a 15 month old would so that made momma really happy!  She is so smart but smartness also makes for a obnoxious baby!  She will look around at her Dad and I before she does something she knows she is not supposed to just to see if we are paying attention and she she mocks everything we do!  I took her to file my taxes alone and that might have been the worst idea ever!  She was crying, grabbing papers, crawling around the office, and made the process two times longer!  I should have expected that but it she has changed so much so quickly, it is hard to keep up with this new one year old!

 Boo in the morning before taking her to Grandmas.
One of her favorites things to do is mess around in the fridge.  She loves to climb in it and grab whatever she can.  But grabbing whatever she can comes into play in any scenario!

This was on my birthday.  Chloe got this outfit and faux fur coat from her Aunt Sug and Sarah and the coat is the cutest thing ever!  

 My Birthday Dinner


Friday, January 10, 2014

The BIG One!

On January 31, 2013, Chloe turned one and I cannot believe it!!!  I am personally not the mom who is gonna to continue and say she is 13 , 14, 15, months and etc so to see her "months" end, I was very emotional about it.  The day before, I had to work and I was so upset that I had to work on her "Birthday Eve".  Regardless of my feelings, there was no stopping it and I was also proud and excited to celebrate.  We had her party that Saturday at the same place my baby shower was so that was very special to come back to the place we celebrated her upcoming arrival.

On her birthday, we went to breakfast, then went to the mall so her Daddy could get her some clothes and her first pair of Jordan shoes ( he loves them so baby needed a pair too), and then we went to Chuck E. Cheese.  And let me take a minute to discuss the new Chuck E....  His face looks like he had a face lift and it is not a good look.  When he came out, me and Eric looked at each other like, "WTF?!"  The kids didn't know a difference obviously and the kids that were scared of Chuck E (Chloe included) would have been scared regardless!  So, this post will have tons of pictures so let me start with the day of her birthday...
 Her Birthday gifts

 Going down the slide!
Chloe thought he was okay from afar but not this close!

Now  on to her party....  I got my first dose of throwing a birthday party and it was stressful even though I have been planning it for months and months.  I did not get everything I wanted done and I wanted way more decorations than we were able to do .  My boyfriend got called in to work that night to plow snow so he didn't get to sleep for 24 hours and he had to help me because my sister was unable to. I obsessed over the cake I made and sugar cookies that did not turn out right.  I wish I would have done finger foods instead of pizza.  I did not get a chance to get the place mats for each table or the picture banner for her first year.  But looking back, that was all very minor, unimportant things and I am glad we had our family there to celebrate.  And that is all that matters! It was a princess party and the colors were gold and pink.  Here are some pics...
 Our family.
 The dessert table.  I made the Chloe sign out of scrapbook paper and ribbon and I loved  how it turned out. I also made the "One" sign on Chloe's highchair for her cake smash.

Boo Boo opening presents.
Singing Happy Birthday!
Sleepover with her cousins!