Friday, January 24, 2014


My main purpose for blogging is to document my child's life and to be somewhat of a scrapbook.  As much as I love Chloe, I am very forgetful especially now days having a child and I know I will forget exactly when each milestone happened.  Since I have not been blogging lately, I wanted to make a promise to myself to make sure and blog more so I wanted to do a post on what has been happening lately with my Chloe....

Chloe has not started walking, she has decided to take up talking instead.  Some of the words she says are Momma, Dada, Ow, Hi, Hello, Go, Baba, Uh Oh, etc.  The pediatrician said she talks like a 15 month old would so that made momma really happy!  She is so smart but smartness also makes for a obnoxious baby!  She will look around at her Dad and I before she does something she knows she is not supposed to just to see if we are paying attention and she she mocks everything we do!  I took her to file my taxes alone and that might have been the worst idea ever!  She was crying, grabbing papers, crawling around the office, and made the process two times longer!  I should have expected that but it she has changed so much so quickly, it is hard to keep up with this new one year old!

 Boo in the morning before taking her to Grandmas.
One of her favorites things to do is mess around in the fridge.  She loves to climb in it and grab whatever she can.  But grabbing whatever she can comes into play in any scenario!

This was on my birthday.  Chloe got this outfit and faux fur coat from her Aunt Sug and Sarah and the coat is the cutest thing ever!  

 My Birthday Dinner



  1. Love all the pics! Your daughters outfits are adorable!!!

  2. She is so cute!! My daughter is 6 months old and it's been the fastest 6 months of my life!