Sunday, March 16, 2014

Snake Saturday Parade

Yesterday we went to the Snake Saturday Parade which is a St. Patrick's Parade here in Kansas City.  Chloe was sick just the day before with a 102 temperature so I was sure we wouldn't be able to go but when we woke up that day, she was back to her normal self so we decided to go!
They always have the parade and then a carnival with rides and food.  Eric's sister Nena and her family always get there super early to get a good spot and bring sandwiches and drinks so we met them up there halfway through the parade because Chloe and I ended up sleeping in until 10:30, which was amazing by the way after going to sleep at 7 p.m.!  

It was pretty hot too so that was a bonus and  we got to see people we knew up there.  I ran into my cousin Shana and her kids. Afterwards we went and had pizza.  I am so happy Chloe was not sick and we were able to make the parade.  We went last year and I want to make it a tradition to go every year.  Next year, I want to make a big breakfast themed in St Patty's food before we go.  So, I can't wait until next year but for now, I can focus on the next holiday, Easter!   

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  1. How cute are you guys, love her hair!!!!!!!