Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Our Easter

Yes, I know Easter was a few weeks ago but I decided to stop procrastinating and get this up.  I can't not (yes, that is a double negative) post a holiday for memories sake!  We seriously could not have asked for a better Easter.  As much work as it was, I did not want the day to end!  The night before, we decorated eggs which I almost completely forgot but I am glad I didn't because Chloe loved it.  I swear this kid is a little boy trapped inside a little girl's body because she is so destructive with everything!  She insisted on smashing each egg in the dye so the ending product was a bunch of smashed eggs, it was an egg smashing good time!
After a long night of Easter prep, we missed church but we did get to sleep in until a late 9 am!  We got dressed and headed over to my mom's where my sister and I made lunch and we had an Easter egg hunt.  Then we headed home since I was cooking dinner and Eric's family was coming over for dinner and another Easter egg hunt.  At this point, I could not get over how freaking smooth everything was going!  Seriously, we had time to play in the Chloe's sandbox!  I also made my first Ham which was delish and surprisingly simple.  I should have got a picture of that bad boy!

 Probably my favorite pic, so cute!
 Our little family
My sister and my gorgeous nieces.

So, that was our Easter!  It was amazing and I cherish it because I don't think any other holiday will be as easy as this one was. 

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