Thursday, June 19, 2014

18 Month Update

Let me start this post by saying, "Where the hell has 2014 gone and where the hell has my little baby gone?!?"  I feel like time is slipping away like never before when all I want to do is savor every little moment!  I think about how Chloe will never be this little again and each day, she grows in some way or another.  Although, I  love she is growing and learning, it also breaks my heart to let go.  Over the last six months, Chloe has really started to develop some toddler ways.  Things like saying, "No, Mine!" and how she knows how to communicate what she wants most of the time still baffles me.   Here are some updates on how my Chloe has been doing...

Words she has been saying:
Momma, Dada, Cole (Aunt Nicole), Memaw, Mine, Pops, Crème Pie, I Love You, Baba, One, Two, Three, Bye, Hi,  Go, Tyke (cat), Kitty Cat, Yum, Ow, Baby
Foods She Loves:
-Lunch Meat
-Cheeeeese (Probably her fave)
-Hummus (Proud of this one!)
-Corn Dogs
-Peas, Carrots, Green Beans
The girl LOVES to swim!  If she is not going down the slide, she is floating on her back just living the life!  She also loves to be outside and I can barely get the girl back inside without a fit being thrown.  Playing with other kids especially her cousins is probably her favorite thing to do.  Every time I cook or need to do something where I need her to sit and chill, I turn on Disney Channel and she is stuck to the screen.  A few of her favorites are Doc Mcstuffins, Henry Hugglemonster, Mickey and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 
Other Milestones & Fun Moments:
-Walking down the stairs alone
-Putting on my jewelry
-Takes her diaper off!
-Trying to put clothes on
-Wanting to put on her winter coat after her bath!
-Getting her ears pierced
-That one time she repeated shit after her mommy, ooops!
-Loves sleeping with stuffed animals
-Brushing peoples hair (even though it feels like she is beating you!)
-Climbing on everything
Time for picture overload!
 Memorial Weekend BBQ

 At the Montoya Family Reunion
 With two of her Aunties
 Happy Baby!
 Pain for Beauty!
Boo bear playing, hair blowing in the wind!



  1. Oh my goodness! She is just precious! She sounds like a little foodie!

  2. She is beyond adorable!! What a cutie pie!! Seriously though? Where does the time go!