Sunday, June 29, 2014

My Fitness Journey this Far

So, about three months ago, I decided to shed the baby weight finally and become healthy.  I was very unhappy wit my body and not being able to fit any of my clothes was a daily reminder of how unhappy I was about it.  By no means was I overweight but I was still not happy in my skin.  I ate like I was still pregnant, not able to let one piece of food go to waste.  Being overfull and eating like shit, I felt like shit.  I decided to make a change and although it has taken me longer than I thought, I am getting there.  The first picture below was about a week ago and the second one was in March.

This is a seven pound difference.  I thought that I would have shed the whole 15 pounds I wanted to lose but it is taking me a lot longer that I thought.  I have cheated more than I have wanted and I have not gone 100%.  I am either 100% on my diet or 100% on my exercise regimen. But I keep at it and I keep going on this journey regardless.

What I have been eating:
1.) Breakfast
-A shit load of eggs: Hard boiled, ,egg whites, scrambled, omelets, etc.
-Greek Yogurt with fruit
-Fruit:  I love bananas, grapes, and strawberries.
-Fiber One Bar
2.) Lunch
-Sandwiches:  I love Flatout brand bread or I will get Orowheat Thin Bread and I always use Mustard instead of Mayo.
-Tuna: I use cottage cheese instead of mayo and use wheat thins to dip in it.
-Chicken, Chicken, Chicken:  In salads, in rice & veggies, in anything!  I meal prep every Sunday and there is always chicken involved.
-Salmon and Tilapia
3.) Dinner:  I always eat what I make my family but opt for a healthy version.  I am a firm believer that you can eat meals you want but you just need to be more smart about it.  For example, instead of taco shells, I use a whole wheat tortillas or lettuce and instead of hamburger meat for the taco meat, I use ground turkey.
-Hummus & crackers or veggies
-Hard boiled eggs
-Side Salad

I have not invested in a gym membership because at this point, it seems pointless.  Not because it is important but because I feel like I can achieve results at home and it is much easier to do them at home.  I do a lot of YouTube workout videos and I love Melissa Bender's workout channel.  She is intense and I usually cannot get through her workouts without almost dying!  I try to do a little bit of cardio at least 4 days a week even thought I HATE cardio.  I try to do arms twice a week and the same with legs and I every other day, I will do a whole body workout.  In all, I try to work out six days a week which does not always happen.

My Goal
My goal is to lose another 7 to 8 pounds and to tone up.  I of course want abs like everyone else and I want tone my arms, legs, and build a booty!  By the end of June, I want to have at least lost the weight and then I will continue working on toning.  In all, I am really proud of myself for not giving up because since I had Chloe, that is all I have done.  I would fall off my diet and then just give up.  Getting down on myself for cheating or falling off my fitness journey made me want to quit and that is just what happened.  But I am hapy that has changed and I have a not giving up attitude!


  1. Good luck with your weight loss. I can definitely see a difference in your pictures. I've started making a few changes to my diet too. I've been walking a lot and eating less. I haven't weighed myself, but I can definitely feel a difference in the way I feel and the way my clothes fit. Thanks for linking to Melissa Bender's YouTube channel. I'll definitely check her out.

    1. Thanks!!! Good for you, I try not to weigh myself too much because I get stuck on that but it def is not the only sign of change like what you say about your clothes fitting differently! And you should def check her out, she is great!

  2. Looks like the payoff is working I can see the difference in the pictures and know you are happy with them. I'm getting back on my journey to shed the pounds now that I know why I couldn't loose anything earlier. Love reading new blogs and getting to know others. Good Luck on your journey!

    1. Thank you! Good luck on getting back on your journey!

  3. You are looking great! I don't have a gym membership either, it's so expensive here that I would rather go out running or do body weight exercises at home. Keep going, it's working!

    1. Thank you! Yea I feel like you can get the same results being outside or doing workouts at home!

  4. You're doing great things with your fitness, which is very evident in your before and after pictures. I really think you're going in the right direction. I like how very well-rounded your goals are. Just keep up that healthy attitude and I'm sure you'll reach your goals in no time. All the best!

    Ari Maccabi @ InFighting