Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Glimpse into our Summer

This summer has been exciting since Chloe is older and can actually enjoy different activities you do in the summer!  I love teaching and showing her new things and I wanted to document this time of her life so here are some snippets of our summer! 
 Swimming with our cousins!
 Montoya Family Reunion 2014.  This is Eric's family reunion and there was a mariachi band there which was pretty cool.  Eric is half Mexican but you would never be able to tell.  It is funny because people always think I am of Spanish decent and at the reunion, someone asked if I was Eric's Dad's daughter!
 Water fun again!  
 I told you she liked water!
 Shades in the house, she is that cool!  
 So, I thought it would be fun to get Chloe some washable paint but she really did not understand the concept.  She put it in her mouth and did everything but paint with it!
Baby girl and I on the Fourth of July.
 Zoo time looking at the penguins.
 Our first time painting her toes!  I seriously could not contain my excitement about this!  She just sat there and let me do it and now anytime I paint my nails, she puts her toes out to do hers!
 18 month checkup!  I love our pediatrician.  Chloe was scared so she let her use her stethoscope on her stuffed animal and she was okay after that!
First time using the big girl scale!  Usually. they weigh her on the scale where she lays down but this made it official that baby girl is getting big.  I have a love/hate relationship with her getting older.  On one hand, I love it because she is learning and progressing like she should but on the other hand, I want her to stay little forever.  One thing I do feel is grateful.  Grateful to be her momma, grateful to be able to teach her things grateful to watch her grow.
What a surprise, more water! This is from our cousin Aaliyah's 9th birthday.  We went to a water park and of course Chloe has a blast!  I cannot believe that my cousin Aaliyah is 9!  There are so many things about this little girl that is rare.  She is such a big girl and loves to take care of anyone littler than her.  I remember when she was little like Chloe and I am so happy I am her cousin!

Sleepover time!  Chloe's little cousins spent the night with us last night which Chloe loved.  My neices Adrianna and Ayana and my little cousins Amaya and Adrianna spent the night and we made our own pizzas, smores, the big girls did face masks, and we played in the tent for a while!
 Drinking and Driving.
 This us from my Aunt Mary Ellen's birthday party.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Fitness Journey Update

The first picture was taken in March of this year and the second was taken yesterday.  Looking at these two pictures side by side makes me really proud of myself!!!  I tend to get down on myself because I do not feel I am making as much progress as I should or want to so this makes me feel better and like it is all worth it.  I have not weighed myself in about a month so I am not sure what I weigh right now nor do I want to know because it is not just about the weight.  I remember when I first started, I had not lost any weight yet but my pants did not fit as tight so that shows that it is not just about the weight.

My Diet:
I am not as strict with my diet as I was before just because I have lost a majority of what I wanted,  At first I was aiming for 1200 calories a day and I think that is just too low for me.  If I was working on losing a large amount of weight, I probably would keep at that but for now, I am aiming for 1500 to 1800 calories depending on what workout I am going to do that day.  I noticed when I ate more calories, I saw better results.  I think that it is because I had more energy from the extra food and allowed me to get a better workout in but that is just my theory!  I have noticed that if I eat a bigger breakfast, I am less as likely to give into bad cravings because it keeps me full for longer.  I have been keeping it simple for lunch and doing mostly sandwiches.  I love the Flat out bread and the Orowheat Sandwich Thin bread which are both 100 calories.  For dinner, I have been still modifying what I make for my family to meet my diet.  I have been thinking about taking up IIFMY (If it Fits My Macros)  but I am not sure I want to focus that much on my diet.  
Turkey sandwich with veggies and hummus,
A BLT (turkey bacon), 100 calorie greek yogurt with granola, half a banana, and strawberries.

For exercise, I am still sticking with the YouTube videos, mainly Melissa Bender.  She is amazing and kicks your ass!  her website is and has a breakdown of all her exercises.  I have trying to get cardio in a little everyday so I can shed the last few pounds I would like to lose and I have layer of fat on my tummy I need to shed to get these little baby abs to show!  They're there I swear!  I like HIIT since it incorporates hard and then less hard cardio also.  My endurance is def picking up even though cardio is still kicking my ass.  I consider activities with Chloe to be exercise so I like to go swimming, go on walks, and just play with her.  We went to the zoo over the weekend and I walked my butt off of course.  It was so much fun but I still got a good little workout in.  Talk about a win/win!

My goal for the rest of this month is to focus more on abs, specifically my lower abs because I have this pooch going on I would like to see gone!  Also, I want to raise my endurance for cardio. If you are reading this and have any suggestions, let me know because I would love some input into what I can do to help me on my journey!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life Via the Instagram Roll

I have been pretty much addicted to Instagram lately and I love posting pictures of my baby girl!  She is 90% of what I post.  Sorry, not sorry!!! Here are some of our latest pics... Warning, there are a lot!

Chloe helping her Daddy change breaks. I love this picture!
This was Memorial Day Weekend.  Eric's friend came over with his little boy and brought this and we spent most of the time playing with it!  I think I liked it more than they did!
We have started brushing our teeth together over the last few months and Chloe LOVES it!  I tell her, "Let's go brush our teeth" and she says, "Ok, Teef!"  Cutest thing ever!
A day in the life.  Trying to keep up with looking decent and taking care of my baby girl.  Bottle and makeup brush cleaning.
Baby girl swinging at the park.  She loves to be outside.  The swing and slide are her faves.
Eric and I, doesn't he look so excited! LOL!
Us waiting for Daddy.
This was on Mother's Day when we visited Eric's Mother's grave site.
Chalkboard paint time which she loved but did not think it tasted too good!  She has a thing with putting EVERYTHING in her mouth!
I was in the kitchen and came to check on her and she was in this basket, watching cartoons!  She just lives the life.  Don't you wish you were content in a basket?!
Baby girl in a candid shot, my faves!
We went to the water park and she loved it.  She is def my little water baby.
Smoothie time!
/We went to the zoo over the weekend while Eric went to work.  She was not that impressed with it other than the polar bear and penguins.
After seeing the penguins.
Tasting her first Starbucks.  Chocolate whip cream for the win!
On Fourth of July.  She insisted on bring "Tyke" which is her kitty.  Our cat's name is Tyke so naturally so is every other cat!
I got this picture while at work of Chloe and her friend Amaya.  Getting pics like this at work, make me just wanna drop everything and go home!
A good brow day must be captured, right?!
Crown Center last weekend.
Another Fourth of July pic.
Chloe's first time having her toenails painted.  I still cannot get over how freaking cute her little toes were with the pink polish.  I need to get non-toxic asap so I can do her fingernails.
Cheat meal for a champ.  Teriyaki steak, homemade mac & cheese, and homemade fries!  The fries were the bomb diggity!  I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman!

That is all folks!

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Independence Day

Our Fourth of July was pretty awesome!  I did not go as planned but then again, what does go as planned!? We ended up just staying at my mom's all day, cooked, out did fireworks, and a water balloon fight.  Chloe loved all the fireworks as expected.  The girl has no fear at all.  And when we did the water balloon fight, she loved that part even more!
 Chloe and her Daddy

Our shoes in all of our festive glory

The women in my family!
Water balloon fight!
So, that is our Fourth in a picture nutshell.  I am still exhausted and Chloe was down for the count  when we left so that means she had a good time too!