Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Life Via the Instagram Roll

I have been pretty much addicted to Instagram lately and I love posting pictures of my baby girl!  She is 90% of what I post.  Sorry, not sorry!!! Here are some of our latest pics... Warning, there are a lot!

Chloe helping her Daddy change breaks. I love this picture!
This was Memorial Day Weekend.  Eric's friend came over with his little boy and brought this and we spent most of the time playing with it!  I think I liked it more than they did!
We have started brushing our teeth together over the last few months and Chloe LOVES it!  I tell her, "Let's go brush our teeth" and she says, "Ok, Teef!"  Cutest thing ever!
A day in the life.  Trying to keep up with looking decent and taking care of my baby girl.  Bottle and makeup brush cleaning.
Baby girl swinging at the park.  She loves to be outside.  The swing and slide are her faves.
Eric and I, doesn't he look so excited! LOL!
Us waiting for Daddy.
This was on Mother's Day when we visited Eric's Mother's grave site.
Chalkboard paint time which she loved but did not think it tasted too good!  She has a thing with putting EVERYTHING in her mouth!
I was in the kitchen and came to check on her and she was in this basket, watching cartoons!  She just lives the life.  Don't you wish you were content in a basket?!
Baby girl in a candid shot, my faves!
We went to the water park and she loved it.  She is def my little water baby.
Smoothie time!
/We went to the zoo over the weekend while Eric went to work.  She was not that impressed with it other than the polar bear and penguins.
After seeing the penguins.
Tasting her first Starbucks.  Chocolate whip cream for the win!
On Fourth of July.  She insisted on bring "Tyke" which is her kitty.  Our cat's name is Tyke so naturally so is every other cat!
I got this picture while at work of Chloe and her friend Amaya.  Getting pics like this at work, make me just wanna drop everything and go home!
A good brow day must be captured, right?!
Crown Center last weekend.
Another Fourth of July pic.
Chloe's first time having her toenails painted.  I still cannot get over how freaking cute her little toes were with the pink polish.  I need to get non-toxic asap so I can do her fingernails.
Cheat meal for a champ.  Teriyaki steak, homemade mac & cheese, and homemade fries!  The fries were the bomb diggity!  I got the recipe from Pioneer Woman!

That is all folks!


  1. Hi, I found your blog via Wendy at Daily Dose of Del Signore. :) (I went to school with her). These pictures are adorable.. and the food looks delicious.

    You can find my blog at http://makinitcrystalclear.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you!!!! I am glad you found me, I just visited your blog and I love it! New follower!