Monday, August 18, 2014

Sunday Funday

Sunday is a bittersweet day.  On one hand, it can be either a fun, a chill out day, or a get shit done day.  And on the other hand, it is the last day of the weekend and soooo close to Monday!  Although it flew by, we had a pretty great Sunday.  We woke up at about 8 am ( 1 hr later than usual!), made Chloe breakfast, and we both had breakfast while Daddy went to work for a couple hours.   We had a birthday party to get ready for so we started that fiasco!  Is it just me or is preparing for birthday parties the constant battle of, "To nap now or nap later?"  I love going to birthday parties but they usually start around Chloe's nap time and we end up with a fussy baby at some point.  We made it work though!

Chuck E Cheese's 
Chloe would not get on this alone so Momma had to put on her invisible cowboy hat!
I love candid moments like this!

 We went to Largo Cargo in Independence, Mo for my first time.  Wjhen we walked in, I thought to myself, "WTF did I just walk into!?"  It looked like a thrift store but it had products like Walmart, jewelry, appliances, clothes, shoes, tools, and waaay more!
The moment when I knew this place was for me.... When I found Essie nail polish for $1.50!  Yes, $1.50!  They had some Fall colors which I have been in the market for and some lighter colors I have also been looking for like this light pink!  Some things were pricey but others were awesome in price.  I don;t know if Cargo Largo is just Missouri but if I pray for everyone to have one of these bad boys!
So, who has to change their child more than once a day!?  If your child is under 5, I am sure you raised your hand!  I actually do not mind because I LOVE to dress Chloe up in different outfits.  During the weeldays, she will come home with another outfit on but it is different being with her 24/7 on the weekends.  I just want to dress her up multiple times.  He curly hair and cut little face does not help!  And these Toms shoes?  Seriously one of my fave shoes she has!  Btw, she has one of her momma's wallets.  She sees me carry just my wallet so she copies me!
I had ribs cooking in the crockpot while we were gone for the Cheifs game.  Afer Chloe's nap, I cooked eveything else.  We had Pioneer Woman;s french fries and red beans and rice.  Anything with french fries, it my favorite meal so I was a happy camper!
Weird hand action here!  But I enjoyed some wine while Chloe played on the back porch.

So, that was our Sunday.  We had an amazing weekend and I hope you did too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Series of Weekends

The best part of the week is the obviously the weekend so I wanted to share a compilation of photos from the last few weekends.
This is from this most recent weekend.  Eric was gone for most of the day and it was raining so Chloe and I just took pictures and played around the house.  
This is one of the newest things she does.  She acts like she is talking on the phone talking in her baby language and then says bye!  It is seriously the cutest thing!  I wish we knew what babies say because this child really knows what she is talking about!
We never play in Chloe's room because she has a toy room and the living room is filled with toys so there is really no need to play in there but we did this weekend  and it was so much fun.  

This is also from this weekend on Saturday.  We went by my Aunt Emogene's house to bring her and my mom flowers because my aunt just got out of the hospital and my neice and cousins were there.  We were going to ride the train after that so I invited these girlies to come along.  It is $.50 per person to ride it twice!  Yes, you read that right!  You cannot do anything these days for $.50 so this was a pleasant surprise!
I swear I cannot get all these girls to look at the camera all at once!
This is a couple weekends ago.  I took my two nieces and Chloe to the park.

She always have to have her sippy cup. Drinking and driving!
We went to Eric's sister's Pawn Shop and the racing place next door was having a little anniversary party and they had a bunch of bounce houses.  A week later, I hear about all of these bounce houses that flew off the ground with kids in them!  

That smile!
 My Aunt Mary Ellen's birthday party! 
Zoo time, her favorite part was the penguins and polar bear.
My Cool baby!  Chloe loves to dig in her sunglasses and try them on.  She will only wear each pair for like 1 secs so this is the best pic I could get!  

So, that is our last few weekends.  I love weekends but Friday is just too close to Monday so I love to relive the weekends through all the pictures we take!  I hope to share more posts like this so Chloe can relive these times!