Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Little Girl with a Big Vocabulary

When we went to Chloe's 18 month check-up we were told by her pediatrician that she is talking like a two year old.  I always felt like she was advanced in that area but I am always biased with her so to hear the pediatrician say that, it just confirmed I have one smart little shit!  I never want to forget anything so I wanted to document what she is saying right now because mommy brain is a real thing these days and I never want to forget the little things that are really pretty big!

So, it doesn't hit you that your baby is turning into a toddler until they repeat their first cuss word!  I am guilty of expression through cussing so it was no surprise I said the word shit in front of her one day. Next thing I hear is her version of the word ("Sit").  I was in complete shock but still wanted to laugh my butt off because it was so stinking funny and dare I say cute?!  My next thought was, "This is the ultimate sign that it is time to start watching my mouth!"

My little sailor looking all innocent!

Chloe as at the point where she is saying little sentences and also mocking the songs on her cartoons or other songs that we listen to often.  We were listening to the radio one day in the car and a rap song came on that her Dad listens to.  It was "We Dem Boyz" by Wiz Khalifa and the song starts off with him chanting saying, "Hey" and "Yea" and Chloe would repeat him every time he said it.  Also, I have been listening to Sam Smith's CD, "The Lonely Hour"  for like two months straight and the girl will sing along to it.  She of course does not know it word for word but she sings with the melody and babbles along to it.  It really is the cutest thing ever!

Some of the words and sentences she is saying are:
Momma, Dadda
Tyke (the cat)
Thank you
No, Yes
Let's Go
Two and Five
I Love You
Where is Momma, Dadda, Tyke (the cat)
Where'd it Go?
Cole (Nicole)
Boo Boo
Many more.....

This age is so much fun and I can't wait to hear all the cute stuff that will come out of her mouth in the future (until she is a teen and starts talking back!)