Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Chloe's Carnival Birthday Party

We celebrated Chloe's second birthday over this last weekend. I had been working on her party FOREVER so I was happy to see it all come together!  I just wish I would have taken more pics (story of my life)!  Above is one of two pics I got of Chloe with her circus top hat!  I loved it though and I got it fro CraftMom of 3's shop on etsy found here.  
 Here was the main table with the cake, cupcakes, and candy bar.    I loved how it turned out and it was probably my favorite area of the party.  I just got a bunch of canisters and popcorn tins to put the candy in.
 A closer look.
 Chloe's cake.
 She was loving the cupcakes!
 Some of the party animals.

 Opening presents.
This is the game area.  You can't see if very well but we got a picture banner where you can stick yuor head through and takes pics.  The games were ball toss and a punch box game.  In the middle, there are prizes.
 This is the sign in table.  I wish I could have spent more time on this area but I was running so behind and I felt like a chicken with my head cut off! 
 We also had a craft/tattoo area.
 Chloe's face cracks me up in this picture, it looks like she had a vengeance against this pinata.  

Something that we did on Chloe's birthday that we wanted to repeat and make a tradition was let go balloons for Chloe's Nan (grandma) that passed away before she was born. So, that was her party!  I am so happy how it went but so glad for it to be over!