Saturday, January 31, 2015

Potty Training Mission:Complete!

Ok, so we are one month into Chloe being two years old and we have a potty trained child!  Chloe started showing interest in the potty when she was around 18 months old doing things like trying to wipe me!  So, we introduced her to it and she surprisingly went her first time on the potty.  It did not take her very long to get bored of it.  My mom watches Chloe and really started to go all into it when she turned two.  To be honest, I did not really put my all into it and was half way working with Chloe when she came home after work and on the weekends.  It was not until about two weeks ago that I really committed and made sure Chloe sat on the potty even when she said she did not have to go.   

Last Friday, something just clicked with her and she has not had an accident since!  So, after a week of not having accidents and asking for the potty EVERY single time, it is safe to say she is potty trained. I cannot believe I just typed and I cannot believe that we do not have to buy Pampers ever again.  Starting around Wednesday, I let Chloe sleep all night with her panties on.  I wasn't even nervous because I just knew she would be fine and she was!

My tips (mostly from my momma who should take a lot of the credit) that worked for us are below for any mommas who happen to be battling this for the first time like we did!

1.)  The commitment and patience has to be there!  I think Chloe would have been potty trained a long time ago if I would have committed like my mother did.  I have read that potty training is an off and on battle that can take months and I def agree with that in our experience but once your child is really ready, commitment is key and is a 24 hour job.

2.) Have a schedule.  About every 30 minutes, I took Chloe to the potty even when she said she did not have to go.  I know a lot of pediatricians say not to force it but when the child is ready, that is different.  There were times Chloe was playing and did not have time for the potty or she just was not feeling it but I just had to push her to do it.  

3.) Make potty time fun.  We had a little ritual when she went.  We would of course make a big deal about it and there were a lot of "YAAAYS"!  We said bye to the pee or poo , washed our hands, sang our potty song, did a dance, and she got a sticker!  She also liked to be the one to flush.  The anticipation of that really helped her go.  

4.) Make underwear the new diaper.  I think that replacing diapers with panties, makes it real.  Also, the feeling of having an accident is much different than going in a diaper.  I let Chloe pick out her panties which is exciting for her.  Having all these different panties with different characters on them makes the whole process fun.

5.) Set bedtime for liquids.  There are times throughout the day that I would give Chloe more liquids just to give her practice and also I was curious if she would ask to go potty.  But around 7 pm, we strayed away from liquids since her bedtime is around 8:30 pm.  

Those are all the tips I can think of that might be useful to someone on this mission.  We are still taking on new mission now that she is potty trained though.  I get kind of nervous going out because I always think about us not being near a potty and I am really not sure just how long Chloe can hold her pee so that will be a learning process.  So, if anyone reading this has any tips for me, leave me a comment!!! 

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  1. That is awesome! Way to go Chloe! We have started with Kennedy but she will not poop in the potty for us! She will tell us when she has to tinkle but even if we try to take her when we see her squatting she screams and won't sit on potty. We still wear pull ups when we are out and about and underwear at home for that reason.