Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Day in the Work Week

Even though we live for the weekends, we unfortunately have a whole week to work to endure before we get there!  I wanted to document a day in our work week because instead of my usual weekend posts.  Even though I wish the weekend was 7 days a week and 24 hours a day, it isn't so I still try to embrace it and not wish my life away!  It is so hard to be away from Chloe and Eric so much and I always think about them and check in on Chloe on every break and lunch.  I do use it as a break though because it is hard being a mom!  I take my hat off to all the stay at home mothers out there!

5:30 am

I try to wake up at 5 am but let’s be honest, the snooze button usually wins that battle.  I start to get ready and do my hair first and then my makeup.  I do my makeup in Chloe’s toy room as you can see below!  The closet doors are mirrored so that is my little station and it comes in handy on the weekends because Chloe can play while I get ready!

5:50 am

After I get ready, I wake up Chloe and I try to give her 10 minutes to wake up but that doesn't always happen because it depends what kind of battle I had with the snooze button earlier.  She is so not a morning person and she hates being woken up out of her sleep even though she always wakes me up by 730 am on the weekend as happy as can be!  I get her dressed, brush her hair, and then brush her teeth. I get my coffee ready and get my lunch in a bag.  Eric usually comes and brings my stuff to me car and helps tend to Chloe while I gather everything including my mind.  At this point, Chloe is either reaching up saying, “I wanna hold you”  or asking for a do do (donut)!  I try to always give her some milk to do to get her milk in for the day.  

6:10 am

We shoot for 6:10 am for our departure time but 6:20 am at the latest.  I am fortunate enough to have my mother be able to watch Chloe when we go to work so that is where we head next.

7 am
This is when I get to work every day.  I am def not where I want to be as far as career wise but I still try to get through the day being positive.  I work with some really awesome people who I would say are more friends than co-workers so that helps the day go by.  In the winter, it is pretty slow so I end up writing in my planner, making my meal plan for next week, touching up my makeup, etc. throughout the day.  On lunch, I have been going on walks with one of my co-workers and she is really good company so that is a highlight. 

4 pm

Quitting time and time to pick up my baby.  I work 30 minutes away so I turn on Joel Osteen on YouTube and listen to one of his sermons on the way home.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day and really helps that 30 minute drive!

430 pm

This is the time I look forward to the most, seeing my little precious baby!  She is usually caught up in playing with her cousins she is usually  more bothered than excited to see me!  That is okay though, I still get my lovings in! 

5 pm

We get home around this time and our routine starts.  First things first, comfy clothes!  Chloe plays a little bit and watches cartoon while I start dinner.   Eric gets home a little later than us on most days so he is usually strolling in at this time unless he gets called in overnight.  She usually has a snack and drink also.  She loves to snack so I try not to give in to more than one snack before dinner.  This night I cooked homemade mini corn dogs and fries and I had a salad.  I clean up the kitchen and usually make me a cup of coffee.

6 pm

Around this time, we play and watch cartoons.  Chloe loves to horse play and it works out because I have recently been trying to work out but I can’t really get work outs in because she wants to sit on me or ask me to hold her.  She was sitting on my legs and I was doing sit-ups and I was counting with her as I was doing them and this little girl counted to 10 with!  I was a proud momma for sure!

7 pm

This is when we do bath time.  At this time, I bathe with Chloe because it is  easier and it hits two birds with one stone.  I turn on some Pandora and I get us all cleaned up.  After we get our PJs on and then I work on getting things ready for the next day.  I make sure Chloe’s clothes are laid out, the Keurig is ready go, lunch is made, etc.

8 pm

Next, Chloe says good night to her Daddy, we pray, and we lay in bed while she watched cartoons and I read my Bible.  Tonight I started Luke in the new Testament.  After about 30 minutes, Chloe goes to sleep.  I usually fall asleep with her but my goal is to be more productive and stay awake after she goes to sleep so I stayed up and blogged this!  We are about to put Chloe’s toddler bed in her room once we paint it so hopefully we can get her to start sleeping in her own room.  This scares me though because I have this weird fear that she will get kidnapped!


  1. You are super mom!! I love that you listen to the sermon's on your drive home to pick up your daughter! That is a genius idea!!

    1. Aw, thanks! I think all us mommas are! And I love listening to them at the end of the work week, especially after a hard day!

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  2. She is so cute! I think you're doing an awesome job juggling all the things in your life!!