Monday, March 23, 2015

Family Portraits & Weekend Shots

We decided to take our own family portraits this weekend...  

I  know, impressive.  

Other than taking funny pictures, we did a lot this weekend!  Eric was getting over being sick (which I realize he passed along to Chloe and I today) so he was happy to get out of the house and we spent a big majority of the weekend outside.  

My sweets!

Eric's nephew Lincoln's birthday party was this weekend at good ol' Chuck E Cheese.  Chloe was terrified!   She kept saying, " I wanna go bye bye" and kept pointing to the door.  She was not having it at first and hugged on to me as tight as possible.  She eventually let me go of her death grip and played a little bit but she still was not going to get anywhere close to Chuck E.

 The birthday boy!

And the best part of the weekend....
Chloe LOVES dresses and lately, shoes!  I don't dare try to take this little girl's shoes off when we get home.  I recently got some silver dress shoes with this little heel on it for her Easter outfit and she cannot get enough of them.  It is the cutest thing to hear her little shoes click clack in the kitchen!  Her outfit and shoes of choice on Sunday?  A flower crown, tutu dress, rain boots, a bracelet, and her trusty puppy.

And what do you do when you refuse to take off your dress off when you eat and get food all over it?  You put your back up on!


  1. Lovin your family portraits! Girl sure does have some fashion goin on!!

    1. Thank you! :) i know, i think we are going to be in trouble when she is a teen! Lol