Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Brain

Every time a new holiday approaches, that is ALL I think about so right now I have what you would call Easter brain.  I know Eric thinks I am a freak because I keep bugging him about if his side of the family is going to plan anything.  Ever since Chloe arrived, no holiday goes by without a game plan.  It is so important to me that Chloe grows up with traditions and being able to be around both mine and Eric's family.
Her first two Easters!

The night before Easter, I want to make some little Easter treats that we can bring to our family especially the other kiddos in our families.  I am really excited to do these little peep/smores treat bags!  Below are some of the treats I have in mind... We will also do the traditional egg dying and hope that Chloe doesn't just crush the eggs like she did last year! 

Also, I want to make sure we start traditions now because Chloe is at the age where she can participate in activities and also kind of understand what holidays mean.  I want her to know Easter is not jsut a day she wakes up and gets a basket of goodies but a day to remember that Jesus died for our sins and his resurrection. We will of course go to Church as a tradition.  Also, I want to make resurrection cookies with her.  I found this this recipe on Pinterest and each step represents and ingredient represents some part of the resurrection.
Resurrection Cookies
There is also a parade that I want to take Chloe to with a petting zoo that I know she will love.  And then I plan on making Easter dinner.  I think I am going to go with Ham, twice baked potatoes, macaroni & cheese, deviled eggs, green beans, rolls, and banana cream pie.  I cannot wait to see Chloe open her easter basket and also be able to enjoy all the activities!


  1. Im dying over Chloe's Easter outfits, I love a cute cardi with a poufy dress! I have Easter brain (and all other holiday brains) too. Must be the 'planner' in us :)

    1. Thank you! I know, I love little dresses! Must be, I just love it!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank u, we really did! I hope you did also!