Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial (late) Day!  We took waaay too many pics (if there is such a thing) and had tons of fun.  From selfie shoots to an all girl party, Chloe was living in a little girl's dream weekend and I think I was too!
Selfie Action!

So, Chloe is OBSESSED with little girls and all that goes into being a girl.  She always finds a big kid to stalk and she forces herself upon them until they realize they are stuck with her!  Most of the time, it does not take much stalking because she's so stinking cute.  We went to my cousin Amaya's birthday party and she was having a sleepover with about 8 girls.  We did not stay the night but we lasted until about 7 pm and Chloe had a blast.  I got Amaya some makeup to add to her collection and right after they opened presents, they were in the room glamming it up.  Chloe was right behind them as you can see in the above pic.  And I also got to hang out with my sis which we do not do enough.

We also did a little swimming at the community center since all it did was rain.  Chloe loved that too and I cannot get over her in this little bikini!  

Makeup again!  
On actual Memorial, I had to work for about four hours.  I had been up since 2 am for no reason at all other than a roaming mind so when I got home, Chloe and I took a nap first thing.  After our nap, we went to the park, had a water gun fight, and played with poppers.  That is really it!!!!  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and I am happy we have people that are willing to risk their life for our freedom!


  1. Lyla does the same thing with girls! When we go to the park she starts like following girls around until they finally give in and play with her haha But it looks like the bigger girls love bossing around little girls anyway so it works out!

    1. I think you are right! I did not even think about that! It really is the sweetest to see little girls interact!