Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Weekend Recap

Between toddler fits, we had a really good weekend.  It was one of the few weekends it has not rained all day so we really took advantage of it and stayed outside most of the day on Saturday
 We did a little shopping at The Legends which is a shopping center in Kansas.  One thing I am all about is a deal and I have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to finding the deals.  Unless it is something I really want, I do not buy anything for retail price.  I ended up getting three shirts and these cute fringe  sandals for $20! 

 I originally went to get Chloe some Fourth of July shoes but ended up getting a bunch of other clearance/sale items.  Osh Kosh had an additional 50% off clearance item so I tried to contain myself and got a few $2.50 shirts and a dress for $6!  I also got some new liquid eye liner by Kat Von D and I already love it.  I usually always have to use waterproof liner and mascara because I always have smudging if I don’t but I went out on a limb because I have heard it has really great lasting power.  Also, the fact that I could not wipe it off with makeup remover in the store,  pushed me to go out on a limb and get it and I am so glad I did!  
And I took a selfie!  Write that down in the history books!  It was kind of fun, I should do it more often!
We finally left and ended up going to dinner around 9 pm.  Chloe was a champ though and there were no meltdowns at the restaurant.  I took advantage of happy hour and ordered some half price appetizers and this beautiful Long Island Iced Tea.  After we put Chloe to bed, Eric and I stayed up until about 1 am and listened to music and just acted silly together singing and dancing.  (The long island might have had something to do with my silliness!) 

Yes, that is a pony in the background!  Drinking pictures just aren't like they used to be back in the day!

The next day, we had to go all the way back to the mall to exchange Fourth of July shoes I got Chloe.  Chloe had to bring all of her friends along.  This child is OBSESSED with My Little Pony and has to bring them everywhere.  It is so funny because she knows when one is missing and will not rest until it is found.  Chloe had an accident while we were out when she was in her carseat and said, "Look at me pee!"  We have been battling with her lying about needing to go potty and she will tell us she has to go potty just to get out of her carseat/stroller/high chair or if she wants to just go walk around.  I remember one time when we were out, I took her to the bathroom three times and she never went.  So, when we were in the store before leaving, she asked to go potty after I had already took her after so I told her no.  Bad choice.  Lesson learned though, I guess we will just have to deal with it until she grows out of it!

We also ran some errands and then  I started up dinner while Chloe and Eric made homemade popsicles.  Chloe loved it and I cannot wait to take them out of the freezer tonight.
That was our weekend!  With Eric being gone a lot with work, we really cherished being together all weekend and being able to get out and about.  As if I did not post enough pics, here are a few more!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Summer Has Begun!

Have a water balloon fight.  Check!  We officially started knocking things off our little summer bucket list since the first day of summer has finally came.  Chloe loves the water in any form so she had a freaking blast and barely gave me a chance to fill the dang things up!
Mid action water balloon throw!  I love her facial expression in these pictures! 

Another weird face!

This has to be my absolute favorite picture of the bunch.  She is having the time of her life and I hope she always lives life this way!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Faja's Day

"Happy Faja's Day Daddy!"  Hearing Chloe's little voice say this all day was the highlight of my weekend.  I was thinking about how blessed Chloe really is.  Of course having Eric as her Daddy is the biggest blessing but also having two her Pops (Eric's Dad) and her Papa (my dad) just tops it off.  

My Dad came over and I made him breakfast and she was loving it.  She used to cry if he tried to pick her up when she was a baby but now she is really obsessed with him and so is her momma!  There is nothing like seeing your parent with your child!  My dad and I were able to really get some dad/daughter time in.  The relationship I have with my parents now is so much different now compared to when I was a kid obviously and I just love having a new perspective about my Dad since I now have my own child and am not a bratty teen!  We really are so much alike and he is literally the most accepting when it comes to other people.  He embraces ALL types of people and I am proud to say I get that from my Daddy!
Chloe and her Pops.  This is Eric's Dad.  Chloe's face lights up when she sees her Pops.  It is the cutest thing to see.  Even though he has bad knees, a bad back, etc,, that never stops him from getting on the floor and playing for hours.  Of course he loves his little grand baby but I think Chloe reminds him of his youngest daughter and brings back memories.
 On to this one,  One of a kind.  There are so many traits to this man that come to mind that make him a good Dad. 

He is her playmate. This little girl will never have to crave that attention because that is all she gets from him. 

He is her translator.  There are so many times I cannot understand Chloe and Eric knows exactly what she is saying,   

He is her protector.  He watches her like a hawk in public and no one is getting to this child without going through her Daddy first.

He is her push over.  Yes, I said it!  He lets her do things Momma doesn't  like eat Mickey Donalds multiple times in a week.

He is her number one fan,  There is no one who roots for her like Daddy.  

He is her teacher.  The good thing about Eric is the fact that he has so much knowledge and he loves to share it especially with his baby girl.  It melts my heart when he takes the time to explain to her how something works.  

He is so much more and the love he has for his daughter is something I am happy I get to see,  There is not one I would rather go on this journey with as a parent.  I can Thank God for that.  Like with everything, He knew what He was doing when He brought us together 7 years ago. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Baby Chloe Edition!

Happy Thursday!  I seriously feel like I have nothing to blog about lately so I figured I would just throw it back again and share some pictures of my Chloe throughout her two and a half years!  I am in serious reminiscing mode right now and feeling all sentimental looking back through our journey with our first child.  I just keep looking at Chloe as she sleeps and then back at the baby pictures and I am just in awe of how beautiful and miraculous life really is...  Before I have a meltdown, here are some pics of my girl:
 Just one day old with her Daddy.  I really enjoyed the hospital stay.  Even though it is in a hospital, it felt like a little vacay where all we had to do was be with our new addition.  
 Bow bigger than her head!  
 Baby girl's first bath.  This was probably one of the parts of being a new mother I was scared most about.  All I kept thinking was letting this tiny baby slip out of my hands!  
 First St Patty's Day!
 I of course do not like when my baby girl cries but I love pictures of her crying.  Sounds like I am the worst mom but I think it is so cute.  She looks like a baby Snow White here.
 What do you know, another big bow!

 I about died when I put this two piece and swimsuit on Chloe.  Daddy did not like it though.
 First Birthday!

 One of Chloe's many sleepovers.

 Another crying pic and another bow.  

Looking at these is giving me inspo to start her scrapbook finally.  I know, after two and a half years, it is about time!  I used to make scrapbooks all the time for my family and myself so you would think I would have started hers by now but life really gets in the way and I am happy to say we were too busy living life with our baby girl!  I do have thousands of pics to show for it though!   

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Sunday Funday

There is always a constant battle on Sundays of taking a lazy day, fun day, or getting stuff done.   The fun and lazy day won once again this weekend!  We slept in until 9:20 am and did not even go to church.  We did not really do much the first part of the day.  Chloe has been obsessed with watching YouTube videos of people opening toys and making toys out of Play Doh lately so that is what she wanted to do.  Surprisingly there are a bunch of these types of videos and there a channels just for unboxing toys and playing with Play Doh.   She didn’t even want to watch the Disney Channel.  I know I shouldn’t let her watch TV for long stretches like we did but I was in lazy mode and it took me a minute to climb out of it! 

We took a nap around 1 pm while Eric worked most of the day.   Eric started a new job two weeks ago and last week was his first week being gone for a majority of the time so I felt bad that he was working most of the day while we lounged and napped!  After that, we went to the store to and  as if I did not have enough relaxation time, I got me some wine to enjoy!

We got back and I started dinner: Fried Chicken Sandwiches, homemade Mac & Cheese, and homemade French fries and Dessert was ice cream cake.  I finally got to use my French fry cutter Chloe got me for Mother’s Day and I am obsessed with it!  The things that make me happy nowadays!  Eric got home with these babies!  On Saturday, I got all of our Fourth of July outfits and I was telling him how I did not want to wear my red Converse shoes because my shorts were red (yes, this really went through my mind) and that I wanted some blue ones.  He really is the best!  He has worked so hard which is not different from any other week but he still takes the timeout to make me happy!   

We watched Kingsmen which was actually pretty good  and then we got things in order to conquer Monday!

Other weekend shenanigans:

Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Bucket List

There are so many things I want to do with Chloe this summer and with it being 100 degrees the last couple days, I am really getting in the mood.  I want to try and knock at least one thing off our bucket list every weekend...

1.) Make moon sand like here.  I know Chloe will love it and it only requires flour and baby oil.
2.) Have a smores bar.  
3.) Make homemade popsicles.
4.) Go Camping.  I haven't decided if I want to just do in it the backyard or actually go to the lake.
5.) Have a picnic.
6.) Have a balloon fight.  Duh.
7.) Go to Snoopy Land.
8.) Start Chloe's scrapbook that I have been slacking on for two years!
9.) Get Chloe to go under water.  The girl loves water but acts like she is going to die if it gets in her eyes!
10.) Get summer time fine.  I know you are supposed to get this before summer hits but better late than never!
11.) Go to the drive in movie theaters.  I love doing this and since Chloe would act a fool in an actual theater, this is our only option!
12.) I also want to have a movie night at home also and just do appetizers for dinner.
13.)Go to the Farmer's Market.
14.)  Try some new recipes.  A lot of grilling and a lot of cold pasta salads!

So, that is all we have for now.  I know I will think of more things we want to do but this is a good start!  Here are some summer 2014 pics...