Friday, June 12, 2015

Summer Bucket List

There are so many things I want to do with Chloe this summer and with it being 100 degrees the last couple days, I am really getting in the mood.  I want to try and knock at least one thing off our bucket list every weekend...

1.) Make moon sand like here.  I know Chloe will love it and it only requires flour and baby oil.
2.) Have a smores bar.  
3.) Make homemade popsicles.
4.) Go Camping.  I haven't decided if I want to just do in it the backyard or actually go to the lake.
5.) Have a picnic.
6.) Have a balloon fight.  Duh.
7.) Go to Snoopy Land.
8.) Start Chloe's scrapbook that I have been slacking on for two years!
9.) Get Chloe to go under water.  The girl loves water but acts like she is going to die if it gets in her eyes!
10.) Get summer time fine.  I know you are supposed to get this before summer hits but better late than never!
11.) Go to the drive in movie theaters.  I love doing this and since Chloe would act a fool in an actual theater, this is our only option!
12.) I also want to have a movie night at home also and just do appetizers for dinner.
13.)Go to the Farmer's Market.
14.)  Try some new recipes.  A lot of grilling and a lot of cold pasta salads!

So, that is all we have for now.  I know I will think of more things we want to do but this is a good start!  Here are some summer 2014 pics...


  1. That's a great list! I'd like to go camping and to a drive in theater as well!

  2. Love this whole list! Although #10 will have to wait till next year for me ;)

  3. I've never been to a drive in movie, but I think it would be amazing!

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