Friday, June 5, 2015

My Big Girl

This year has just flown by and I am really not sure how it is possible my little girl is 2 1/2 years old.  She is doing so many new things and saying so many things everyday and I am just so amazed by her!
What she is saying: Chloe is talking more than ever and she says stuff where I have no clue where she got it from. One day I told her she was sweet like sugar and then she said, “Sweet like apple juice?” I could have melted to the floor and now I always tell her she is sweet like apple juice! I also told her I was happy God brought her to me and then she says, “ You wanna pray?” I loved that because she obviously knows who we pray to every night. 

What she is doing: She is such a girl too and it is hilarious to watch her. Dresses and jewelry are a staple in our house. I made the mistake of offering her lip gloss and now she must have some if Mommy is putting some on. I will give her chapstick and she will smother her lips (and face if I don’t watch her). She also plays with the exact same toys all the time. She lines up all her figurine toys facing the T.V. so they can watch cartoons. She is obsessed with My Little Pony. One day, she came home with a couple little figurine ponies and she kept saying their names which I did not get at the time but I eventually figured it out. My little nieces stay at my mother’s also in the day and they love so that is where she got her obsession.

Not bad for doing her makeup the first time!

What we call her: We always call her different nicknames and she thinks it is so funny. She was pooping and I called her Pooparina the other day and she loved it. Other nicknames are Chic-a-rita, stinky butt, little monster, stinker, love bug, butthead, and more!

What she is eating: Cheese is her favorite food by far. This little girl LOVES cheese in all forms. She also will ask for plain bread and will ask for more after two pieces! She also loves pizza, cheeseburgers, fries, fruit snacks, grapes, popcorn.   Chocolate and fruit snacks are her preferred desserts.

Potty Train: A couple months after Chloe turned two, she was completely potty trained. I am so glad I have my mother who helped me and really told me what to do to get her potty trained.  It really only took two months to accomplish and one day, it just clicked for her!  

How she is sleeping:  No problems here other than that fact that she is hard to wake up in the am.  I try to allot at least 10 minutes in the morning just to wake her up!
 I am really starting to freak out because she will never be the little tiny baby I brought home from the hospital ever again and as much as I love watching her grow, at times I wish I could go back to that!  


  1. My little guy just turned 2.5 too and I was ugly crying on and off all day. So fun/hard to watch them grow up!

  2. Such darling pictures! Watching our babies grow up is bittersweet for sure.

  3. So I totally thought I added your blog to my bloglovin feed like a month ago but none of your posts showed up....I figured maybe you just hadn't posted any...umm yeah not sure who I started following:/ but I figured it out and all is well now:) love the make up pictures!

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