Monday, July 27, 2015

A Weekend Fit for a Princess

Last weekend was a bummer since Eric got called into work all weekend but we made up for it this weekend!  We did so much and spent too much but it was worth it.  Eric was gone Friday night and was back around 4 or 5 pm on Saturday.  Chloe and I went to Build A Bear while we waited for Eric to get home.  I knew I was going to spend a pretty penny but I couldn't believe how much all the little extras were.  The whole experience for Chloe was exciting to see though.  I am all about experience and am willing to pay so Chloe can have these little experiences and memories.  We will do it again for sure but damn is it expensive.  I am more to blame because we had to have the skates and of course we needed two sets of shoes and two sets of skates.  Of course Chloe had to have the pony and not one of the regular bears so next time, we will pick a regular bear and spend more on the outfits and all the little extras.  She wanted to take the pony EVERYWHERE with us so money well spent!
When Eric got home, we went to eat and then decided to go to the Platte County Fair.  Little Chlo lived for the rides.  With that being said, how the hell does a family of more than three go to these things without spending an arm and a leg?!  Again, it is all about the experience but it really is crazy how much activities are now days.  Chloe was a riot, not only did she play her little heart out, when we got home around 11 pm, we played some more.
We let Daddy sleep in Sunday which was well deserved and Chloe and I got ready for the day.  I have really been slacking with church lately so I had a little church sesh while I got ready and listened to a Joyce Meyer sermon and then jammed/praised to some Hillsong.  I listen to their song "Oceans" and "Gracious Tempest" basically everyday, and Sunday was no different!  We made Eric get up around noon and headed out to get some lunch.  Chloe tore up some cheese dip and chips and you know you are eating with a toddler when there are a million pieces of chips stuck in the dip!  And the girl had the nerve to get mad when it was all gone! 
Where we live, they build a Aquarium and Lego Land right next to each other a few years ago and you can buy a combo pack to go to both so we ended up doing that.  We have been to the aquarium before but this was our first time going to Lego Land and it was waaaay better than the aquarium.  Chloe def agreed!  I am pretty sure that is where we are going to do her third birthday party.   


I am not gonna lie, Chloe got the royal treatment when it came to fun this weekend and I do not feel bad that we over indulging this weekend.  I did not cook one meal this weekend unless you count microwave pancakes.  I did not clean one piece of clothing or dish.  I drank too much coffee and we ate out too much, hell we even ordered appetizers at every dinner.  We lived it up at least our version of living it up!  We work hard and do not get nearly as much time together as we like so we took advantage of our time together!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Sunday Funday?

Our Sunday was kind of a sad one!  We woke up too late to go to church so that was the first bummer.  We did sleep until 10 am though which was amazing!  Eric was gone at a meeting at work when we woke up so I worked on getting  us ready for the day.  Momma was running slow to say the least but once Eric got home with my coffee in hand, I sped it up a bit and we went to go have lunch.  By the time we got seated, ordered our appetizer, and got our drinks, who calls but Eric's work calling him in.  We were out as quick as we came in!  I know it annoyed Eric so I tried to be positive but it did put a damper on our Sunday.  So, we rushed back home eating our baked potato skins in the car...  And then there was two!
We headed to Walmart and the grocery store and got our shopping out the way.  I took little miss to lay her down and she was a sad mess over this nap.  After 5 minutes, she was out!  She slept with her new little Pig stuffed animal the whole time and it was the sweetest thing!  
Once she woke up, we  watched toons and had a little photo session while dinner simmered on the stove.  She is getting more and more animated bu the day and it is so funny to watch her be so quirky and silly.  She cracks me up with what comes out of her mouth and the face expressions this child makes it so stinking funny!  
So, that is what our Sunday consisted of.  It was not the best Sunday in the books but I cannot complain because I got to spend it with my baby girl.  These days, I don't let things ruin my days so we just kept trucking and tried to make the best of one of the many days that don't go as planned!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Living

Summer has been good to us aside from all the damn rain we have had.  It has felt like Spring around here and then this week all of a sudden the weather wants to act like summer on steroids and the moisture from the rain and the heat is not a good mix.  Other than that, we have really enjoyed ourselves in Summer 2015.  We do not really get out and do much except for the weekends with the way our schedules have gone over the last couple months with Eric's new job but we definitely make up for it when we get the chance.  I wanted to share some of our summer so far... 

 There hasn't been as much sun as we would like with all the rain but we have had our fair share of water so far.  And when we can't play in the sun, we play in the rain...

This is from the beginning of summer on one of those rainy nights.  I was so excited for summer to start and be able to get to the pool but that def wasn't happening so I decided to take Chloe out in her little panties to play in the rain!  Eric took some pics and then started in with the, "She is gonna get sick, come inside."  I guess someone has to be an adult in this relationship! 
We also indulged in a couple "school night" sleepovers.  Technically it was not a school night since the girls are on summer break but  it was still a work night for  us.  Things like brownie making, dancing, Netflix, were among the many activities we indulged in.
Lots of outside activities like duck feeding, playing at the park, flower picking, and more!  

With everything we have done, I haven't even put a dent in my summer bucket list.  I plan on getting some things checked off this week/weekend because I really want to experience most of the activities on that list with Chloe.  

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend

This Fourth of July was a little different in the fact that I made zero plans other than our outfits of course!  Every holiday especially The Fourth, I make plans something as a host but not this year!  It was weird how I honestly did not even make an effort and I did not pin a crap load of ideas of Pinterest...  It was kind of nice!  We really just winged it (which I never do, there must be a plan!)  but it did not bother me surprisingly.  

So, we started out our three day weekend all together with lunch, a little shopping, firework shopping and a fireworks display.

On The Fourth, we woke up with no plan, ate breakfast, and got ready for the day,  We headed out the door not even knowing where we were going!  We decided to go get Chloe some red Converse so headed to the mall to get pick some up!  After that we met up with Eric's friend and his girlfriend for some BBQ,  We ended up going to Gates which is a Kansas City fave which is saying a lot since KC is known for their BBQ!  
We went to a Bar B Que and shot off some fireworks and Chloe made a bunch of new friends.  There was this little boy that was playing hard to get at first and Chloe slowing made him like her and they were holding hands within a hour.  And then his little sister fell in love with her too.  I went with two other girls and all the kids to the park for a little bit and Chloe and the little boy were just walking through the field holding hands.  It was the cutest thing ever!  I swear Chloe wanted to hold hands with all the kids,  After that, we headed to another firework display with some friends and Chloe could care less! As soon as we got in the car, she was knocked out.

Then on Sunday, we went to Eric's dad's house because he was cooking out.  Chloe and I ended up in the hot tub with our clothes on and Chloe is a little fish so she had a blast even after she choked on water and then threw up in it!  Don't worry, I caught it with my hand like a pro!  

When I finally convinced Chloe to get out of the hot tub, we finished off our fireworks and then headed home.

So, that was out Fourth!  It was a good change from having a plan laid out and just being able to wing it this time.  It kind of freaked me out at first but I got used to it real quick! 

Friday, July 3, 2015

Our Night Routine & Asking for Advice

I have been wanting to add more structure to Chloe's night time routine.  This whole year, I really fell out of our routine and more so lately with Eric working more and more.  I used to have dinner done a hour after I got off work, have her in the bath, and ready to go to bed by 8 pm.  Now, we end up in bed around 9:30 to 10 pm.  And then there is the fact that Chloe sleeps in our bed.  Since about 3 months old, I kept telling myself that I would start putting her in her crib but that never happened and here we are two and a half years into it and she is still sleeping with us.  The big reason I  cannot bring myself to do it is I have this fear and anxiety about her getting kidnapped.  I know, I am a freak!  Eric keeps telling me that he would be ready with a gun if he heard someone coming in as he is a light sleeper but I just cannot get away from this fear.  Am I the only one?  I would love to know if you are reading this, what your experience and journey is when it comes to the night routine and sleep situation.  I really need some advice on this one!

I also wanted to share our routine we have right now...
First we start with a bath which I usually take with her and try to keep her from drinking our bath water!  

 Chloe's after bath necessities!  The Tangle Teezer is AH-MAZING for tangled curly hair.  Chloe's skin is really sensitive and will get rashes all over if we do not use the Aveeno lotion and body wash.
And momma's!  I literally use the coconut oil for my whole body including my hair!  This makeup remover is def a must because it removes waterproof mascara, it is amazing for being from the drugstore.
Next, we battle on who is going to brush her teeth. Chloe repeats, "I do it, I do it!"  And I convince her she can do it after I brush them first.  While I am brushing, she tries to turn the light on and off and touch whatever she can get her hands on the sink.
 She tries to trick me into thinking she wants to sleep in her own bed.  By the messy bed, you would think she sleeps in there every night!
This is where she really sleeps.  When Eric is home, he sleeps on the left and I end up barely staying on the bed because Chloe somehow manages to take up most of both of our sides!  Is it just the kids in my family or does your kid/kids sleep wild?  Someone so little should not require that much space!

 We must have at least a handful of ponies so they can get stuck under momma and poke her all night!

I let Chloe watch T.V. for a little bit while I do some reading or blogging.  This is something I want to try and get out of. If I did not read or listen to my Holy Bible app, I will do a little reading or listen now.  In a perfect routine, I would love to get Chloe to bed and then do my little routine.  I have tried going back to just bathing Chloe and then putting her to sleep without T.V. time and I felt so exhausted afterwards and did not want to do my routine but I just need to get used to it and do it.  

Basically what I want to work on is getting her in her own bed, getting her to bed earlier, and work on separating our routines.  Wish me luck and I would love to hear any advice from anyone reading this!