Monday, July 27, 2015

A Weekend Fit for a Princess

Last weekend was a bummer since Eric got called into work all weekend but we made up for it this weekend!  We did so much and spent too much but it was worth it.  Eric was gone Friday night and was back around 4 or 5 pm on Saturday.  Chloe and I went to Build A Bear while we waited for Eric to get home.  I knew I was going to spend a pretty penny but I couldn't believe how much all the little extras were.  The whole experience for Chloe was exciting to see though.  I am all about experience and am willing to pay so Chloe can have these little experiences and memories.  We will do it again for sure but damn is it expensive.  I am more to blame because we had to have the skates and of course we needed two sets of shoes and two sets of skates.  Of course Chloe had to have the pony and not one of the regular bears so next time, we will pick a regular bear and spend more on the outfits and all the little extras.  She wanted to take the pony EVERYWHERE with us so money well spent!
When Eric got home, we went to eat and then decided to go to the Platte County Fair.  Little Chlo lived for the rides.  With that being said, how the hell does a family of more than three go to these things without spending an arm and a leg?!  Again, it is all about the experience but it really is crazy how much activities are now days.  Chloe was a riot, not only did she play her little heart out, when we got home around 11 pm, we played some more.
We let Daddy sleep in Sunday which was well deserved and Chloe and I got ready for the day.  I have really been slacking with church lately so I had a little church sesh while I got ready and listened to a Joyce Meyer sermon and then jammed/praised to some Hillsong.  I listen to their song "Oceans" and "Gracious Tempest" basically everyday, and Sunday was no different!  We made Eric get up around noon and headed out to get some lunch.  Chloe tore up some cheese dip and chips and you know you are eating with a toddler when there are a million pieces of chips stuck in the dip!  And the girl had the nerve to get mad when it was all gone! 
Where we live, they build a Aquarium and Lego Land right next to each other a few years ago and you can buy a combo pack to go to both so we ended up doing that.  We have been to the aquarium before but this was our first time going to Lego Land and it was waaaay better than the aquarium.  Chloe def agreed!  I am pretty sure that is where we are going to do her third birthday party.   


I am not gonna lie, Chloe got the royal treatment when it came to fun this weekend and I do not feel bad that we over indulging this weekend.  I did not cook one meal this weekend unless you count microwave pancakes.  I did not clean one piece of clothing or dish.  I drank too much coffee and we ate out too much, hell we even ordered appetizers at every dinner.  We lived it up at least our version of living it up!  We work hard and do not get nearly as much time together as we like so we took advantage of our time together!


  1. Ahhh you guys did so much, how awesome! I LOVE that little pony. Is it a my little pony???? Lyla would love that too! But yes Build A Bear can be so expensive if you buy all those accessories, it's crazy.

    1. It is my little pony, that is her obsession right now! I think all the little girls are just drawn to them! It really is crazy how pricey they are but I guess that's with everything now days!!!

  2. We were just talking about how we need to do a "Brylee" weekend. We've been so busy with house stuff lately that we feel bad for not doing more "fun" two year old things! This gives me hope for a fun weekend soon lol!