Thursday, August 6, 2015

Loves & Hates

Leslie with This is for Keeps tagged to share my most loved and hated things!  

1.)    Of course my doll baby and Eric
2.)    Potatoes in any form.  I will order French fries and mashed potatoes as my side as restaurants and will dip the fries in the mashed potatoes!
3.)    Converse shoes.
4.)    Baby butts.  I know, creepy but they are so cute!
5.)    Scrapbooking.  Even though I have been too busy and sometimes too lazy to make Chloe’s scrapbook, I love getting crafty!
6.)    I can never get tired of Hillsong’s songs “Oceans” and “Gracious Tempest.”
7.)    Foot rubs
8.)    The weekends.  We live for them in this household.
9.)    Using sugar as an exfoliate.  I always thought I had dry skin but it was really because I was not exfoliating.  I did not want to spend a bunch of money on another product  I would have to keep repurchasing.  I have been using it for a few months and have seen a crazy difference with how smooth my skin is. 
10.) Coconut oil.  Use this for my hair, for moisturizer on my face and body, and many more things.

1.)    Bad parkers!  This really gets to me!  A few months ago, it was pouring down raining outside and this you know what parked so close to the driver’s side that I had to climb in on the other side with a two year old.  I was so pissed and I really wonder if they paid any attention to the car seat in the back and took that into consideration.  Ok, I got caught up in a rant!  On to the next one…
2.)    Vacuuming.  Worst job ever
3.)    Laundry.  Self-explanatory.
4.)    Roller Coasters and heights.  I do not run on adrenaline at all!
5.)    Playdoh/Toy YouTube Videos.  Not sure if any other moms are going through this but they have these grown people doing videos of playing with PlayDoh, unboxing toys, and opening surprise eggs with toys in them.   They actually get excited about them too.  Chloe saw one a few months ago and is now obsessed with them!  Eric despises them because really they have no educational value and just make kids want these different toys.  I do give in a lot when she asks for them or she will throw a fit.  I pick my battles on this one!
6.)    Watching how times has flown by since Chloe has been born.
7.)    The stubborn lower stomach fat area.
8.)    Mini toys.  I secretly love them but because they are so cute but not when you step on them or have to clean up a million little ponies off the floor.
9.)    Brushing my teeth.  I obviously do it but I really do hate it!
10.) Waking Chloe up before work.  She HATES waking up when she has not naturally woken up.  It is a struggle every single morning  with her.  She cries and then wants me to carry her all around the house while I am trying to get us ready to leave. 

Happy Friday and I tag....

Elizabeth @ Chasin Mason


  1. I hate lower stomach fat too. And I got plenty of it! I like those songs by Hillsong as well. I used to scrapbook quite often but I don't seem to have the time anymore. I miss doing it.

  2. Stomach fat is the worst! So hard to get rid of. We are going through the same thing with waking Kennedy up and it is frustrating especially now that I have two kids to get ready and my husband just started a new job. I feel your pain! I love Hillsong too!!!!

  3. I love potatoes too, but I think you took that love to a whole nother level ;) Potatoes with a side of potatoes - now I kinda want to try it too! And I totally don't get those toy youtube videos, but Ez loves them too. Makes me think we should be taping every time we open a new toy and posting it to youtube...

  4. I absolutely hate brushing my teeth, and showering, and really any kind of hygienic things... but obviously I do them anyway... I just never look forward to it haha

  5. baby butts haha those are really pretty great! As are potatoes. I'm with you, all forms are delicious.

  6. YES to potatoes! I love any form of them and fries are my weakness. If I lived closer, I would totally vacuum for you. It's actually my favorite chore!

  7. Random question. I know you've mentioned a few times that you love Converse shoes. Do you have any tips or tricks for breaking them in? My new ones are so horribly uncomfortable, I never want to wear them. And that makes me sad because they are so cute! Any recommendations?