Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas and came and gone and I am kinda sad about it!  We had a great run this holiday though and feeling so blessed to have a holiday filled with love and family.  2015 was a pretty hard one with my mom and aunt's health and being able to spend the holidays with them meant the world.  This year was especially exciting because Chloe really got into and really understood the whole concept of Christmas.  Using Santa to bribe Chloe really came in handy also!  Eric got in pretty late Christmas Eve but just in enough time to bake Santa cookies.

 I had to actually wake Eric and Chloe up around 10 am because or they probably would have slept at least another hour! After opening presents, we spent time with family, ate Italian food, and played with Chlo's new toys.

Here are a few extras from our holiday weekend.  We took Chloe to the movies to see The Good Dinosaur for her first time and she surprised the shut out of me. She did sooo good! She was Dec not still but was quiet and just stuffed her face with a whole bag of popcorn!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and have a Happy New