Thursday, February 4, 2016

Out of the Ordinary Beauty

I was doing my not so glamorous night routine the other night which consists me alternating between cleaning/primping a toddler and myself and I realized how many products I use on myself that are out of the box and not normally bought for the purpose I use them for.  I wanted to share them on my blog in case anyone was interested because they are not only cheap alternatives but also mostly natural.

Coconut Oil:
Now this one is getting more popular and you have probably heard of people using this on their hair and body.  I use it literally head to toe.  I use it as a moisturizer all over my body after bathing, my hair every day as a hair oil, as a deep conditioning hair mask, my face moisturizer, and on my eyelashes to help them grow.  I do not buy lotion anymore at all.  I buy a new jar maybe every two months and runs about $7 and $8 which is awesome for all I use it for.  I use the one below.

I was in the market for a good exfoliate for my face because I kept getting these dry flakes all over especially around my nose and the face wash brands you buy with the beads in them were not cutting it.  I was not about to pay a shitload of money on one of the high end ones  and then i read in a magazine that Cindy Crawford uses sugar to exfoliate.  If she uses it and looks as good as she does at her age, I am down to try it!  It makes sense though with how coarse it is.  I tried it and I was blown away!!!  So, when I run out in my little tupperware, instead of running to the store, I srun to the kitchen!  It is so easy and so cheap! 

Olive Oil:
Olive oil is so great for so many things.  The one thing I use it for the most is mixing it in with my sugar that i exfoliate with.  I used to use just sugar but when I started adding the olive oil, I could tell a difference in how smooth my skin was.  I sometimes use this for a deep hair conditioner and mix it in with the coconut oil.  Also, it works wonders cleaning my makeup brushes, just mix half dish soap and half olive oil.

Nivea Men's AfterShave:
I follow Nikki Tutorials on Instagram and she posted about using this for a face primer for your makeup.  I wish I could do my makeup like this girl so I immediately jumped on board no questions asked.  Some makeup products, I don't mind splurging on but a primer is not one of them so when I saw it at Walmart for $5, I was even more happy!  I used it and it really does make a difference and I can tell my makeup lasts longer throughout the day.

Vitamin E Oil:
This is awesome for your eyelashes/eyebrows to help them grow.  I also use this for my belly and breast to prevent stretch marks.  You can find this by the Vitamin section.

I use Vaseline for EVERYTHING from my lips to my legs!  I love it for keeping my feet smooth.  I lather my feet up really good and put some socks on for the night and when you wake up, they are so soft.  I love it for makeup remover also.  We used it for everything when it came to Chloe when she was a baby.  It is great for diaper rashes and for when she gets colds, we put it above her lip when it gets raw from the constant irritation from wiping her nose.  When you color your hair at home, this is perfect to put around your hairline to prevent any dye on your skin.

I make it a point to think of alternative items I can use that are less expensive  and last a long time and all of these do.  Don't get me wrong, I do not mind coughing up the money for products that really work  but why do there are some things that do not have to break the bank. 

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  1. Great tips! I never thought about using after shave before, now I wanna try it! And my feet could definitely use a little tlc too ;)