Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Weekend and When Your Child Surprises You

Not a whole lot went on this weekend for us, we mostly just stayed in the house.  I did realize one thing; I have reached that “I am tired of being pregnant” stage.  From not being able to bend over or breathe to not being able to fit anything, I am ready for this last seven weeks to be up.   I realized this as I was down on my knees scrubbing the kitchen floor and cleaning our fridge out.   I am also ready to meet baby and start our family of four!

I actually got a three-day weekend because of a baby sitting issue Friday so Chloe and I hung out Friday around the house, went grocery shopping, and got Chloe some new shoes.  I do not know if it is just me but I feel a lot of pressure to make sure Chloe has multiple shoes in different colors so she will always have a pair of shoes to match her outfits.  I am a weirdo about it but I do always get everything on sale/clearance so it is not super expensive. 

On Saturday, Eric got back in town from work and we decided to take Chloe to the movies to see Zootopia.  Ever since we got these Zootopia themed fruit snacks, she has been wanting to see it.  She loved it but started to get antsy towards the end which it to be expected.  It was a super cute movie and I actually literally laughed out loud at a couple parts. 

Then Sunday was the day Chloe surprised the heck out of us.  We really did not do anything that day except Eric put up Chloe’s first T.V. in her room while I took myself a nap.  I am not going to lie, Chloe loves her movies and she watches more T.V. then she should.  We have probably seen Mulan, Pocahontas, etc. a hundred times.  Even though she loves her movies, I never thought she would actually stay in her room by herself.  Eric and my family always makes fun of me because Chloe has this room that I made Eric paint and decorate but she is never in it and has never slept in her bed.  I have this fear of her being kidnapped and it sounds so silly but it is a real thing in my mind!  Although I had major anxiety and went and checked on her a million times, I was so proud of her and felt so weird to be in the living room with Eric alone watching our shoes and not a cartoon!  Every time I went to check on her, she was doing something different.  Two times, I caught her changing her clothes, one time she was lathering her body with lotion, and then one time she was just standing in front of her mirror.  The sweetest thing I caught her doing was actually sleeping in her bed.  I could not believe my eyes and she stayed in there without a peep until about midnight.  We got her back to sleep but then she woke up around 2am.  I ended up giving in that time because she acted like she had a nightmare, it took me about 15 minutes to get her to stop crying.

I love the times that your kid surprises you and does the complete opposite of what you think.  Even though she did not sleep in her room all night, it was big victory for us that she even stayed in her room at all.  There are so many times that I look back on thinking that something is going to be so hard to adjust Chloe to and she ends up surprising me.  I love when this happens, makes me think I did/do something right!


  1. Good for Chloe! I love when you get little kid surprises. They are just like gifts. You are so lucky that your little one even watches Pocahontas or Mulan. I can barely get Sofia to watch any Disney movies! The only ones that she's really watched all the way through were Princess and the Frog and The Little Mermaid. *sigh* I can always dream...

  2. Her room is soo cute!! Do you use a video monitor? I swear by mine!! It eases my mind knowing I can see him whenever I feel the need without actually interrupting him!