Monday, April 18, 2016

Mason's Nursery

 It is official, Mason's nursery it complete and I love it! I knew before we found out what we were having that I wanted to do a superhero theme if it was a boy so that is what we went with and did the walls in a neutral color since there is a  lot of color when it comes to superheroes.  I was worried about it being too much with all the superhero decor and color but I love how it turned out.  I almost feel like it needs more color but that is something we can obviously add down the road.
Here is the main wall with the crib which we got from Ikea and it is called the Stuva crib.  I really love it and it was super affordable.  The furniture is the first pieces we bought from Ikea and although it is kind of confusing since there are so many different boxes you have to get, I am really happy with it.  We got the letters from Hobby Lobby for 40% off and ended up being only $20 all together.  We were going to go with the themed letters you can buy on Etsy but I couldn't bring myself to pay $70 plus for them.  I am happy with the black ones though because they are large enough that you do not need anything else to fill the wall.  We went with striped walls and used a light grey and a dark grey.  Eric did awesome on the walls and I love how the crown molding (I wish I would have gotten a better picture that included it all but wasn't thinking) and chair rail adds so much more to the room,  Eric used to remodel homes so it turned out perfect and he knocked it out quick!  
I was originally looking for a crib bedding set but decided to just buy a sheet and then all we need to do is add a crib skirt.  I felt like it did not make since to pay $100 for a  set when the baby since we never even used the blanket when Chloe was a baby and I guess now crib bumpers are being called unsafe.  
This is right when you walk in the room.  The changing table is on the left and which I am pretty disappointed in.  I do love it but I had no idea the top part sticked out like that.  In the picture online, you cannot tell that it sticks out and Ikea did not have a display of it where we bought it so we found out when Eric put it together.  I was also not a big fan of how much dead space there was when you add the changing pad.  You can see where the diapers are in the back how much space there is. We just added some baskets from At Home and filled them with diapers and wipes and it makes a big difference.  I am getting used to it though and it was not that big of a deal to return it.  It turns into a desk for when Mason gets older so that is one reason we just kept it.Here are some up close pictures of the changing table,  It has a little opening under the table and then three drawers and two little cubby spaces where we added two baskets from At Home.  We added a cityscape superhero decal I bought from Sweetums Wall Decals online.  I really love this piece and it fit perfect above the changing table.
 On the other sides of the room, we decided to just do light grey at the top and dark grey at the bottom because I felt stripes all around might be too much.  I ordered the superhero prints that are in the frames from an Etsy shop called Kawaii Kids Design.  I bought the digital prints for $11.25 and had them printed off at Target for less than $20.  The frames are from the Dollar Tree so it was pretty inexpensive.

This is just behind the door.  The three little canvas pictures are from Walmart and were just $5 each.

This is the full wall tbhe changing table is on.

 On this side of the room, Eric put up a wall ledge on both sides and we just sat these superhero stuffed animals that I got from Amazon on them.  They were actually the first items we bought for the baby's room.  Below each ledge, we added a superhero picture frame we got from Burlington Coat Factory and were only $9.99 each.

 Instead of spending $30 on a throw pillow, I just bought this cover from Sewing What Etc on Etsy for $8.
This was Chloe's rocking chair  so that was one thing we did not have to buy.  I am thinking about adding another pillow or two to it or maybe a superhero stuffed animal. 

I am really happy with how it turned out.  I feel like it will transition well when Mason gets older.  The grey walls will really go with anything.  And since the crib transitions to a toddler bed and the changing table transitions into a desk, we will be able to keep the furniture items for a long time.  With this being my second child, I felt like this nursery was a lot easier (Eric would probably disagree) because I knew what we needed and what we would not use.  It feels like our home is almost complete now, we just need the most important part, our little Mason!


  1. I think it looks great and has just enough color! He's a lucky boy with all of those superheroes surrounding him!

  2. Love how it turned out!! Striped walls are my fav!!! The details are perfect!!

  3. Adore the name! Mia and Mason sounds so sweet together :) The stripes and molding looks amazing.

  4. Love, love, love his nursery! I adore the superhero theme. Everything came out perfectly!

    Random - do you have that white MALM dresser secured to the wall? I definitely recommend it. We had the same one (in another color) and it fell on me once when two drawers were open at the same time.