Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Weekend and First Haircuts

Our weekend started with appointments and getting stuff done.  I took Chloe to an appointment Friday after work.  At her three year check up, her doctor wanted to see her back  because her growth wasn't consistent with what it has been.  I knew something wasn't right because the nurses measured her three times but whatever the doc says, I am gonna do so we went back for that and they measured her another three times!  The first time, they said she shrunk so they did it again and by the third time, all the nurses came to watch Chloe get measured.   They finally got a correct measurement and the doctor said everything was all good.  We went to my mom's and came home with three extra girlies.  We had a little sleepover with her little cousins which Chloe always loves.
We took the girls home early Saturday and went to an eye appointment so I can get glasses.  Ever since I was a little girl, I have wanted glasses so I was actually excited.  They had the cutest little kid glasses too which Chloe had a blast trying on.
We also had an appointment to have Chloe's hair trimmed.  She did so good and I was so surprised.  She of course had a hard time keeping still but overall did awesome and she loved sitting in front of the big mirror with the cape on.  Last weekend, I did the stupidest thing and had Eric cut my hair.  I always trim my own hair because it is so thick and if I mess anything up, it usually is not a big deal but this time, I went way too far!  I put it in a ponytail and told Eric to cut it and while he was doing it, I thought to myself how bad of an idea it was. It ended up being so short and so uneven!  So, I had her look at my hair too to see if I should grow it out first.  She ended up making time to go ahead and cut it for me.  Although it is super short, I am happy with it and she even thinned it out in the back which I love.  It is funny because that is actually my first salon experience ever after 27 years of life and I shared it with Chloe.

I don;t know if you can tell but she is flipping her hair!

I ended up taking my mom to the ER Saturday night because she had a temp and since she has cancer and has to take chemo, they always want her to come in to be checked out.  Chloe came with me  since Eric had to work a few hours that night.  She always finds a way to have fun and the nurses loved her and ended up giving her a teddy bear she calls "Teddy" now.  They ended up keeping her because she has pneumonia. We ended up getting home around midnight and since we were already up, we watched  a movie and went to sleep. Sunday, we didn't do much but visit my mom, laundry, and watched the season premiere of "Fear the Walking Dead."  If you are a fan of zombie movies and shows, you will probably like this show.  So, that was our weekend. Even though I feel like I could have gotten a lot more done, we did get a lot of appointments out of the way and I got to have my little sidekick along with me!


  1. Love your hair! I need a hair cut so bad-I haven't had one since right after Brylee was born (almost 3 years!!). Brylee needs one too but I can't bring myself to getting her baby hair cut off.

  2. Chloe looks adorable in those glasses! You are a brave woman letting Eric cut your hair. I trim my own, but I don't trust Tim - lol. Your hair really looks cute though - I love it! I hope your mom is okay. I'll be thinking of you guys!

  3. I have yet to this day gone to get Sofia's hair trimmed. Maybe I should! But Chloe looks like she did so good in the chair. Good for her! I hope your mom gets better soon. Lots of rest and TLC!