Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend Photo Bomb

 This weekend was a good one and I know Chloe had too much fun if that is possible for her!  We started off the weekend with my cousin Amaya's birthday party at Mercury Gymnastics on Saturday and then my cousin Shana and I cooked dinner for the family to  celebrate my momma's last chemo treatment.  We also had me niece Adrianna over for a sleepover and then celebrated Memorial Day on Monday at Eric's dads house with a cookout. Chloe loves being around other kids and her cousins so she was loving every second especially since we have not been able to get out as much since her brother has been born.  Here are some pics of our weekend...

My crew. Apparently I need a crew while doing my makeup.

 Happy Birthday Amaya!

 Obviously being a baby is hard.
 These two getting wrinkled in their Pop's hot tub.

My sweet, sweet babies.  These two pics are the epitome of a brother and sister relationship!

And of course thank you to those who have and are currently serving our country and their families as they serve as well.  We are free because of the brave!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mason is One Month!

I cannot believe my sweet boy is a whole month.  He has brought so much joy to our lives and has already taught me so many lessons mostly about patience and about focusing on what is important in life.  Having two kids does not give you enough time to focus on what is not important so that has been a blessing! 

Nicknames: Mase, Boo bear, Masey pants. I make them up as I go!
Weight: 9.16 pounds
Length: 21 inches

Sleep: He has slept like a champ!  He usually wakes up around midnight, 3 am, and then again around 5 am.  So basically just twice a night because by that third time, I just stay up for the day.  The last two days he has slowed down on the sleeping and has been up more during the daytime.

Health:  No health issues other than a diaper rash.  He had a diaper rash for a week and a half so we took him in to see the pediatrician.  It did not look like a normal rash and the Desitin was not clearing the area around his anus.  It kind of looked like it was eating away at his skin.  It ended up being from the acid in his poop and they gave us a prescription. 

Diet: Mason is a greedy little boy.  I quick breastfeeding as I mentioned in a previous post and we started him on 2 ounces every two to three hours and they quickly advanced to three and then four ounces.  He has not cried much but when he does, it is when he is hungry and gets impatient quick if he does not get that bottle asap!

Loves:  He loves to be talked to.  I made the mistake of standing up with him and bouncing him to put him to sleep and now he loves that.

Dislikes: When you make him wait to eat.

Best Moments: Seeing him and Chloe together.  Also, I was talking to him one day and this little boy had the nerve to coo and laugh.  I do not remember Chloe doing either that early or maybe my memory is off but I was so surprised.  A baby laugh is the cutest thing and I about died!

Worst Moment: From day one when we came home with Mason, he has been a shitting and pissing fool and the first couple weeks, I got shit and pissed on more times than I can count.  One day I was changing him and he pissed on me twice and shit on me twice in that one sitting and then as I was cleaning my hands, Chloe comes in the bathroom and peed on the floor!  All I could do was laugh!  After I got them and the floor all cleaned up, I completely forgot to clean myself and change my shirt until like 20 minutes later!  It is funny though how their pee and poop does not phase me or gross me out.  

Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites & Thoughts

It has been a great week but yesterday was just one of those days.  Chloe woke up fussy  and it was just one of those mornings where nothing seems to want to work in your favor!  The day ended with two glasses of wine, Chloe eating an ice cream cone before dinner (because I lost all care at that point), and dinner consisting of multiple frozen foods we had in the freezer.  So after that day, I am ready for the weekend!  

1.) I tried this new recipe and I LOVED it!  It is a Crispy Chicken Pasta with Italian Sauce which I had pinned years ago and I was looking through my pins and found it.  I have never made a pasta with crsipy chicken, I usually use grilled chicken but I really loved it and the recipe called for it to be fried in olive oil so that made it a little better than frying in vegetable oil.  

2.) I cleaned our oven Wednesday for the first time since living at our home.  I am not even ashamed to say how happy it is making me to have a clean oven,  It looks like a new oven!  For the inside of the oven,  I used this technique which called for baking soda, dish soap, and water to make a paste and let it sit for 15 minutes.  It took me all day to do in between taking care of my kiddos and because our oven was pretty bad but if I keep up on it, I think it probably would not take anymore than 30 minutes.  I also cleaned the oven racks using this technique.  You soak them in the tub on top of towels so you do not scratch the tub,  All you do it let is sit in dish soap, water, and dryer sheets for several hours and then wipe them off.  Just look at this beauty....

3.) Chloe had her first dentist appointment this week and she did sooo good.  I was so surprised at how well she did.  We did not have any problems getting and keeping in her in the seat and she just sat that like a little angel and let them do what they needed! Proud momma for sure!

4.) I have been thinking about adding some decor to the walls in the kids playroom.  Before Mason was born, his room was Chloe's playroom and she literally could not even use it because every incch of the room was filled with toys and you could not even get in there.  So, I went through everything and gave away over half of the toys away and we made half of Eric's man cave downstairs into their playroom.  I love how it turned out but the walls are pretty bare and it is an excuse for me to decorate which I really love to do.  All the decor I have found it more than I want to spend so I have been brainstorming and browsing online for ideas to make my own decor without it looking too cheap.  I want to display Chloe artwork so I plan on buying some dollar tree frames and painting them to display.  I also plan on getting cardboard letters at the craft store that spell out Play and paint them to display.
I love this gallery wall that I found here.

5.) Growing up, I have always had a unibrow that I got from my dad so as soon as my mom let me, I shaved it and plucked and got a little too cared away,  By a little, I mean a lot.  I have since grown in a lot of my brows back but they are still patchy and I am pretty sure I will never have a natural full brow like I once had.  I fill them in and out of all the products I have used, I always end up loving the expensive products.  I absolutely love the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz but they are about $25 and I literally die a little inside when I spend the money on it.  They last longer than any other pencil I have used but not long enough to justify that kind og money.  So, when I saw online that ColourPop was launching eyebrow products, I knew I had to try it out.  I got two of the pencils and one of the  pots and they were $5 each.  I finally started using them the quality is great especially for the price I paid for them!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Best Moments

I was going to call this post, "The Best and Worst Moments" but as corny as it sounds, even the hard and trying moments are the best because at least I have a reason to have those moments and the reason is my babies.  Eric went back to work after two weeks so this last week was my first week on my own with my kiddos and it was a busy one for sure.  Patience has been tested, anxiety is high but I am enjoying every moment.  Some moments stand out more than others.

-There was the time when we I changed Mason as soon as we got home from the hospital and I got peed on for the first time.  Changing a boy is much different from a girl and I even made Eric change Mason the first time at the actual hospital but not once did he show me his waterfall pee skills.  I guess he was waiting until we got home to show it off  or mark his territory.  If he is not peeing  on me, his face, or the walls, he is shitting all over. 
-There was also that day that RIGHT after he pooped and peed twice all over while I was changing him, Chloe peed on herself and the floor.

-We gave him his first bath and he hated it.  He does not cry unless he is hungry and I wouldn't really call it a cry. more like a wine but he did not like the bath at all.

-Chloe  has been wearing multiple dresses, shoes, socks, hats, etc. everyday.  She even accessorized with gloves one day.  Six out of seven days of the week, we have been cooped up in the house so I have been letting Chloe pick out her outfit most days.

Here she wanted a bun like Milan and a pretty dress so she could sing along to the movie.

-She also has been saying the sweetest things.  She says things like...  
"We are family,"
"You are the best mom ever!"
"Can I help you make family dinner?"
"Mason is so amazing!"
"I just want to touch him!"
"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."  (If you have seen "Lilo and Stitch", you have heard this!)

-We had Mason's two week checkup and he is now 8.4 lbs.

-We went on our first walk.

-I quit breastfeeding.  I was really heartbroken about this,  I quit with Chloe and was  so upset I had to quit with her so I really wanted to make it happen with Mason,  We could not get down the latch and I had a breakdown on the 5th day and I just couldn't get through the pain.  I had a day where I was really down on myself but Eric was super supportive and I eventually got over it.

-I forgot how nerve wracking it is to have a newborn.  I am always checking to make sure his little tummy is moving up and down and the newborn breathing freaks me out!

-It is so easy to forget just how miraculous life is but when you carry and deliver your own child, you are reminded just how amazing the development of life is.  Just the way our bodies know exactly what to do and how every piece is formed is really amazing.  To basically grow a human is something I will always be amazed of.  This time around, I have not been as hard on myself as far as my body even though I have more stretch marks and still have 25 lbs to lose because I am proud of what it did!

-I am better at juggling two kid than I thought I would be,  Mason has made it easy on me and I can imagine it get harder once he is mobile but I am pretty good at this!  It has been challenging but the reason I think I am adjusting to it pretty well is because of all the love I have for my children and as a momma, you just do what needs to be done without a thought because the babies come first!
He is too cool in this pic!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our New Life with Mason

This last week and a half has been amazing having Mason enter our family.  Eric has been home with us and Chloe has been loving having both of us home with her.  I wanted to share some pictures of our first week as a family of four.
 Chloe is still obsessed with her brother.  She gets so excited and worked up that we have to really watch her with him because she ends of being rough due to her excitement.  At first she was acting out a bit to get attention but she is starting to calm down and we are really trying to give her as much attention as possible.  Eric has taken her to the park a couple times and we have been trying to involve her in everything when it comes to baby.

 She loves to hold him and "babysit" him as she would say.

Baby boy's first checkup and he did awesome,  He not only pissed but shit all over the scale. 

Watching Toy Story together.
 I got this matching onesie and hat set from an Etsy shop called The One Place.
 I have been letting Chloe pick her clothes out everyday since baby has been born.  She will go in her room and come out with a new outfit on more than once a day and in this pic, she insisted on me giving her a bun so she could sing to Mulan.
 Baby's first bath.  I must say I felt like an amateur and I think I was more nervous than I was with Chloe's first bath.
 One of the few days I have gotten Chloe dressed and ready.  Eric took her to the park and she came back with more energy than she had when she left.
My mom and her grandbabies. 

\This is why we needed a little boy.  Eric and Chloe are going to have too much fun with Mason when he gets older.

We are having so much fun so far with little Mason but I know once Eric goes back to work, reality is going to hit.  He is the biggest help and half the time, I do not even have to ask for help from him, he just sees what needs done and does it.  So, not having that help will be hard.  Little things like Chloe needing to go potty or wanting a snack while I am tending to Mason and just giving attention to both are going to be difficult.  I will need some time to get used to it but I know I will get the hang of it,